Women’s Meeting Has No Sobriety: Want to stay Alive?

Posted by admin on April 07, 2017
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Women’s meetings have no sobriety and I’ll tell you why. First though I want to make something clear. A primary in this article is someone allergic to alcohol, not addicted. Many times in media drug addicts are spoken about in the same context as a problem with alcohol but they are two very different kinds of people, different kind of a relationship. A drug addict is not allergic to drugs they are addicted.

Primary’s are allergic to alcohol and can’t drink it and is why they end up at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Can’t drink one drop or it sets up a compulsion, in the brain. The compulsion is to have more of what they are allergic to and so can’t have it. Drugs affect the body, like it’s a physical thing. It’s different to what happens to a Primary who is allergic to alcohol.


Women’s Meetings

In very early days for me it was advised to not go to women’s meetings. This happened after I had already been to one and spoke about the ‘funny’ experience. Weird not funny.  Older Sober Members (OSM’s) said not to go to these meetings. One reason being that when getting sober we need to learn to mix with both sexes. They explained that considering men were half the population we needed to learn to associate with them, as if out in the real world.

This makes sense, doesn’t it? One of the reason’s for not going to a women’s group is because there is a good chance you have a bad opinion of men. As men do feel the same about women and so men’s groups are not a good idea either. They need to learn to mingle and feel comfortable with the opposite sex as a part of getting sober.

Women’s Meeting Sponsor

Members have also heard of horrific happenings as a result of going to women’s meetings. One women Jo told how she went along to a women’s meeting and after a really depressing meeting, before leaving, she picked up a booklet from a table and was reading it. A women approached her. She said she would like to gift the booklet to Jo and that she will also become her sponsor.

She asked for Jo’s phone number and later that night the sponsor called asking for her help. Jo, the short-termer thinking it’s an emergency situation went to her aid. When she arrived at the sponsor’s place she was waiting outside and jumped into her car and told her to drive away quickly.

Jo the new member found herself in a situation of driving around with this sponsor women in her car. The sponsor explained a little on what her problem was. She said she lived with her parents and that they wanted to keep her locked up and that she didn’t like that situation.

Women’s No Sobriety as Sponsor

The sponsor was not a teenager, by the way. A women in her 30’s. While Jo was driving around not knowing where to go the sponsor pulled out a bottle of rum and started drinking it from the bottle in the back seat of Jo’s car. The sponsor vomited in her car as well. The sponsor also started mauling her while she was driving.

She thought she had no choice but to take the drunk women back to her place to sleep it off for the night. Jo’s invalid mother was bedridden and needed constant care and she was not impressed by the intrusion or the situation. The drunk sponsor played up so much before falling asleep that jo’s mother forbid her to go to AA meeting again or to associate with the people from AA.

Problem at a women’s meeting is there’s a large number of lesbians who frequent these meetings. People go there for relationships and not for sobriety. many are not alcoholics. They may still be seen to have a right to be at meetings because the 3rd Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous says that: “The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.” The Tradition doesn’t even stipulate ‘drinking alcohol’ so it could be ‘drinking saltwater’ for all we know. This is the legacy that Bill Wilson left us in his quest to make ‘the program’ available to everyone. AA suffered because of his outside interests in making money from people getting sober.

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