What is sobriety

What Is Sobriety?

Posted by admin on October 15, 2015
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AA has changed, and not for the better. AA has been hijacked and in more ways then one. Alcoholics Anonymous used to be unique. It was a fellowship where people could go to stop drinking alcohol and be happy about it. It was a place where they had people to help them and to look out for them. Alcoholics once had a chance at getting sober. VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

Not anymore though. In the past few years AA has been raped, pillaged, pulled apart, and commercialized. What’s worse is that no one has noticed. Here’s my comments and questions on last nights meeting:

  • The secretary changed the theme of the meeting from ID to Speakers Meeting and presented a guest speaker who has no sobriety.
  • And he has no sobriety  himself.
  • We heard a woman tell her story with 30 men in attendance and only one other women from a Detox Centre.
  • The speaker was not asked any questions after her talk.
  • Does she have anything to offer, if so what is it?
  • Some ID meetings like this one are becoming replaced with ‘topics’ meetings and are unrelated to problems associated with alcoholism. How then can anyone get sober?
  • The secretary has no sobriety and this meeting has no older sober members (OSM) to guide members on what is right and what is the wrong thing to be doing.
  • Members were not asked to speak but spoke at random.
  • All members in attendance who spoke after the guest speaker also had no sobriety.
  • Sobriety was not offered at this meeting and therefor it had no purpose.
  • This meeting should be closed.

AA is no longer focused on sobriety and this was quite obvious at the meeting last night. To make it worse this meeting is not listed as anything other then an AA ID meeting. AA is all about identification (ID) and nothing else. That is of people getting up and telling their story of What it was like, What happened and What it is like now.

What was wrong at last nights meeting:

So now we have a situation of unsuspecting visitors turning up to a meeting and are confronted with a situation they did not expect to be happening. That is not Alcoholics Anonymous, far from it. This situation is a direct opposite to what AA used to be like. Alcoholics who attended knew what to expect which was one reason why it worked so well. They had stability instead of the instability they had in life when they were drinking. The alcoholics would go to AA meeting expecting to find sobriety and why else would you go? Instead now we have a situation where people go to AA meetings for all sorts of reasons other then sobriety. The main reason being for sex. yes we have sexual predators, looking for sick women, and men.

Guest speaker had no sobriety so what value would be in asking her to be a guest speaker at an AA meeting? Answer: None.
1. The meeting changed to a speakers meeting without it being listed as such in the online AA meetings list. a guest speaker who had nothing to offer in the way of sobriety. Why? Because she was not sober and had no idea of the concept. She simply told her story which took up half an hour of an hour meeting. She didn’t speak for 1/2 an hour but between her and the chairperson reading from a book a chapter that used to be called, “How It Works’ That term isn’t used anymore in their reading. How it works has been hijacked as a term for just about everyone and everything online, as an introduction to their particular niche or topic.

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What It Means To Get Sober

Posted by admin on July 04, 2014
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To get sober the alcoholic needs to learn new thinking not re-hash the past  as what happens if they start working the 12 steps. The message “don’t drink, stay away from the old mates, pubs and clubs is so important to follow and this is basic information that is not told in AA meetings anymore.

It’s necessary to put AA first for staying sober and to mix with sober people who can help you on a daily basis.  This is key, to get new realizing-life-lessonsinformation/thinking solutions imbedded in your thinking and in your life. Not possibly achieved by working steps. Real answers are needed that work. Answers that come from other peoples experience of getting sober. The same issues again key here is only to be dealing with issues as they come up in day to day living.

Otherwise the alkie is overwhelmed with mad experiences from the past and will be trying to deal with too many issues at once. This means they cannot possibly live in the day so again the only alternative is to drink or go mad. Digging in the past for solutions is leading to drink. They need close support and encouragement on a daily basis is what works. Not flailing for character defects and selfishness – this does not work for anyone except for the people who want to make money from the alcoholic wanting to get sober. They make them into a constant winger who cannot get up from under his own feet and who has something to blame for their behaviour or worse, they blame themselves instead of blaming alcohol. An alcoholic taking this line will drink again. They cant not get a negative result as they are still living in the past and nothing has changed except that they have a new whipping stick .

I was told to put the stick away, get positive and see the facts. The facts that alcohol was the problem and to start fixing up my thinking on a daily basis. Done by simply doing the best that I could with what was available to me and by putting AA first. I needed to be sticking close to people who were getting sober and could help me deal with life as it happens. I had to be putting new thinking in place for real situations as they come up meaning this new information is there to build on and use for the future.

I had to get to meetings, stay away from the past and the old thinking. I had to mix with sober, happy, sane, and positive people. the people who have had a positive result from AA. It works by “attraction rather than promotion”.  Stay away from anyone looking for a spiritual high or position in AA. I have always avoided the people who recite the book, talk about “sponsees” – these people ought to get a life  – who wants to be king of the nut house – sometimes seems like a competition to see how many “sponsees” they can collect and they seem to take great joy in talking about the “sponsees” – whatever happened to anonymity?!.  These ‘sponsors’ have them praying for bad people and for the people they hate. They tell them to get on their hands and knees to do this and including other nonsense that has nothing to do with getting sober.

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