God In Alcoholics Anonymous: A luxury I Can’t Afford

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God in AA is a luxury a primary alcoholic can’t afford. God in replace of sobriety simply doesn’t work. If you’ve got God in AA meetings, you haven’t got a grasp on sobriety. Sober people get you sober but they are not being called anymore. These days they talk about God and working 12 steps in AA and not talking about sobriety.

God in Alcoholics Anonymous

That’s not sobriety. That’s madness. Sobriety needs to always be a priority in AA meetings. Like it was once, years ago. Instead we find people chairing meetings who have no idea what they’re doing, like Lana last week.

Some have been around for a long time and they still have not got sober. They are not Primary alcoholics (people allergic to alcohol). Instead primary’s die through lack of information at meetings.

Now they have people chairing who don’t call sober people. Worse still they have no concept of what is sobriety. It’s evident they haven’t a clue on how to keep people sober. Sober people know their history and they don’t like it. They can’t lies from the floor.

When long term members are in attendance they can’t lie about sobriety. Long term sober people know when they’ve had a bust or two (meaning they have not had unbroken sobriety). Many of these people who attend meetings are not Primary’s, not secondary’s, they are not even alcoholics at all. The grog will not kill them so they can afford to make mistakes.

Lana Said She Didn’t Have God, Is Why She Busted – But She Did !

Lana chaired a meeting last week: She came to AA 30 years ago and never stayed sober for any length of time. She had no shame in not calling sober people. She left a member of the fellowship with 26 years of unbroken sobriety sit there listening to failure after failure called to speak. People who instead spoke of unresolved issues in their life, surmountable problems, and told how unhappy they were to be not drinking.

Common sense would tell you to call sobriety to help people who have failed. How else can they find out what they’re going wrong, why they can’t stay sober. Sobriety is not a matter of life and death for all who attend AA meetings. For primary’s it is that serious and so if they make a mistake they don’t last. They die, and a new lot take their place, and noting changes.

The chairwomen who didn’t call sobriety, in fact went out of her way NOT to call sobriety. Her history is she had not been to AA meetings for over 10 years. She had a failed relationship and left AA. She’s back, a couple years now and nothing has changed. She’s still winging about having no sobriety.

Sobriety or God

The meeting she chaired has been going for over 26 years. All this time and they do not have anyone sober to put in the chair. Lana said recently from the floor that she didn’t get sober all those years ago because she didn’t have God in her life but she did. She was telling us, back then, she did.

That’s typical though, she known for not telling the truth as is all spiritualists in AA meetings. Before she left AA 10 years ago she said she was praying and “working the program”. Never staying sober though.

In the early 1990’s Lana told a group member (who she fancied) that she was 10 years sober. An older sober member (OSM) went to see who this could be. First names are used only in AA so to further identify someone we ask, “How long are they sober”? That way someone can be identified when name matches up with sobriety.

Hers didn’t, so we went to see who she was. when OSM saw it was her they knew she was not 10 years sober. Not many people would know she lied and she may have got away with it. It’s dangerous though for new people to think they are dealing with an OSM when they are not. Especially when they offer themselves as a sponsor.


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AA Is Not A Place for Finding God

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If someone wants to be finding god then AA is not the place. Churches are there for that. These places have many experienced spiritually trained people and possibly in other religious organisations as well. Places designed for this purpose. However, AA is not the place. Alkies when getting sober in AA are after all only ex drunks. This type of behaviour In AA of trying to find god only ends up being an enormous problem for members.god_in_aa

What happens is that many normally insignificant people come to AA meetings and they find status that they  normally they would not have.

Not in a million years would they have status in the real world. Suddenly they are transformed into spiritual gurus, like Bill Wilson when he came to the Oxford Group of Western Canada. He saw the first 100 men there. They were no more then 2 years sober.

Sponsors In AA

Non alcoholics become sponsors in AA to unsuspecting members. They spill hogwash that goes with religious organisation and religion has no place in AA.

Sober members of AA have not yet met anyone in the past 25 years who is sober and happy and sane as a result of praying and working steps for sobriety.  Not one has survived by trying to find god in AA.

What we are saying here is that not one alkie has managed to get sober by daily working steps and praying and reading books for sobriety. The people who do this are instead all very strange and they talk in a foreign lingo that is not mainstream and they behave in a way that would not impress a potential employer if they went for a job interview.

Keep It Simple In AA Meetings

Anyone known in AA who is sober, happy and sane and is not living with daily madness are the ones who have kept it simple. When these people attend meetings they talk about their story of what it was like, what happened and what it is like now. This brings them into today and others can relate to them.

Sober alcoholics are no different in their talk, language, dress, mannerisms than the average person in the street. They got that way by keeping it simple and living a day at a time. By putting AA and their sobriety first and by talking to other alkies on a daily basis. In their early days they needed to be getting answers to real problems, and as they happened. They needed this so that they are always living in the here and now.

They are the people who have changed from the thinking of a drunk and who are no longer living with drunks, and not mixing with drunks. Because of this their life is not filled with problems that are caused by the people with problems. This means staying away from anything that causes any type of mental instability and any type of mental problems in their life is to be avoided at all cost.

Staying Away From Unstable People is Key

Alkies know that they cannot live with or mix with unstable people who will cause them problems. If anything gets in the way of their sobriety then it has to go and it has to go permanently. This example is what members were told in the early days before detox centres took over and started filling their heads full of rubbish about praying and working steps for sobriety.

AA works – We were told to keep an open mind – but not so open that your brains fall out.

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Finding God in Alcoholics Anonymous

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God gets in the way of alcoholics getting sober in AA – That is because they are supposed to be getting sober and that means nothing else. They are not meant to be finding God. There are trained professional people in society to help anyone who wants to find God or who is having problems in this area. Why would anyone want to be advised by the two-bit amateur spiritualists in AA for their religious guidance?

For alcoholics putting anything in front of their sobriety – even God, means that alkies are not focusing on what actually gets them sober. That  is living in the day, staying away from the past and unstable people – if they are getting God they will be getting Good and saintly god-12-steps-aa=too which is open to all sorts of misinterpretation – i.e – don’t judge – give everybody our time – even our old pals from the pub and our sometimes quite mad family members.

An alkie has to listen and to judge – what makes sense and what does not – their life depends on it!

Getting God also means they have something to compete about – who is the most saintly and spiritual and proving this to everybody else.

If you are keeping it simple when getting sober there is no other competition to be concentrating on, only  – What it was like, What happened, and What it is like now – It is that simple!

If an alkie is competing the proof is there every time they open their mouth at meetings and say what they are doing and how they are trying to find God or that they have found god by working steps and praying.

The only thing that is important to them is to be getting to regular meetings, putting sobriety first before anything else.  If alcoholics are not getting sober they are dead. They need to be living in the day and putting AA first.

If they do this they end up having less and less problems, they start thinking positively, they start being clear in their thinking and in their talking, and they are enjoying life the way that they should be. It all comes out how they are going in their talking from the floor, at an AA meeting.

If they are not living like this they will experience all sorts of problems and that is what happens to people who put God and working the steps in their life before getting sober – when they do that they are not putting their sobriety first. They need to put their sobriety first by doing the above to change the thinking.

If alcoholics are getting God they will be getting less and less clear, more and more involved with unstable people and nearer and nearer to madness or to the next drink.

The 12 steps force alkies into all of this bad stuff- they are not written for the here and now. The spiritualists will say, not to judge people. Therefor what they are saying is, do not ask questions, if anything that they are supposed to be doing is actually makes any sense. Alcoholics in AA are encouraged by the step workers and spiritualists to make friends with everybody, except other alkies who are not, “on the program”. They are to be kept away from at all times.

That is like living in castles in the sky and hope that God will look after them.  Everybody who mentions steps and God sound ok to the confused alkie – who is so unclear in his own thinking as a result from going mad by working steps and praying for sobriety, and from not living in the day. By doing this he has no hope of getting sober or sane.
Life is meant to be enjoyed not endured. Something that is missed by praying and working steps for sobriety

Getting sober is all about beginning to enjoy the experience life without artificial stimulants such as alcohol. It’s about being happy and about being who you were meant to be if alcohol hadn’t gotten in the way.  AA is for getting alcoholics sober to enjoy their lives.

They have to get sober first so that they can decide on what they want to do with their lives and if that is to become a spiritual person then well and good, but they have no hope of becoming anything unless they, get sober first.

Alcoholics can not get sober unless they put “sobriety” first.  Putting “Spirituality” first means they will only end up madder and they will get drunk again or they will neck themselves. This is a common occurrence in AA by alkies who have been put on the wrong track by the step workers and the spiritualists.

They need to also stay away form recovery centres, counsellors and social workers. They have no idea what a primary alcoholic needs to be getting sober.

God does not like alcoholics. The OSM’s of AA say that if they ever met up with god in their travels they will be wanting to know what he has against alcoholics wanting to get sober in AA.

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