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Alcohol Allergy Causes Many Deaths A Year

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The story of Peggie.
Peggie had an alcohol allergy problem and attended AA meetings. Her cute little Maltese terrier Barney also went along to the meetings with her. Barney sat on her friend Terry’s lap when he chaired the meeting and Barney caused no problem, he simply slept on his lap.

The nasty spiritualists alcohol allergyand Step workers however got together and tried to ban Barney by putting a sign up saying ‘No Dogs Allowed’ Barney couldn’t read and they didn’t know who they were dealing with when they tried that with Terry. He soon let them know in no uncertain terms where the sign belonged and that “Barney was stayin”

Peggie and her husband were successful business people and lived comfortably. Money was no object, never a problem, but Peggie’s drinking due to her alcohol allergy was a problem for them both. She tried so hard to stop and out of desperation in 2014 she booked into another Detox Centre for treatment.

Detox and Rehab Centre

The Centre was the most expensive to date. At a cost of $5,000 per day Peggie stayed there for a month. She thought nothing of paying this kind of money. Peggie had been in and out of Detox Centres many times over the years. When they released her this time she had a certificate to say she would never drink again.

Unfortunately she got drunk that night. This result is expected by the OSM of AA. That’s because she may have been a month without alcohol but was not a month sober. She had not lived a month in society as a sober person. Due to being institutionalized in the Detox Centre. These facts is what is not known and they don’t want it known. That they don’t show results.

Peggie’s husband Max didn’t drink at all. For a start he didn’t like the taste or smell. Peggie often slept on Terry’s lounge rather then go home tipsy, her and Barney. She would put Barney up at the peephole to ensure Terry let them in. She sometimes knocked late at night but she knew Terry loved Barney and so couldn’t resist. Her hubby was very tolerant of her problem and stood by Peggy through thick and thin. He was such a lovely man. Peggie just couldn’t stay stopped from the alcohol for any length of time.

No Sobriety in Meetings

The meetings were not strong enough for her. They used to say in meetings in the old days, “Stick With The Strength” There’s no strength in meetings anymore mainly due to Detox Centres and due to god. “Get god and get drunk” was also said in AA meetings in the old days.

Peggie still though was a beautiful women despite her problem. Being around 60 years of age she certainly didn’t look her age. She always dressed stylish and looked so beautifully groomed. She however was still a chain smoker. That didn’t stop her being likeable. She a softly spoken, charming and very intelligent lady. Terry supported her at the meetings and it was needed and appreciated. Due to his support she was able to get around 3 years sobriety up at one time, and for the first time in her life.

Terry lost contact with her for a while after that and he heard one day that she had died from a massive heart attack.

Alcohol Allergy and a Seizure is Dangerous

The cause of death is often wrongly stated on a death certificate as heart attack. Often it’s an alcoholic seizure. The two conditions have similar symptoms and an alcohol induced seizure can be mistaken for heart attack. In AA meetings it’s common to see people have seizures.

Amy Winehouse, is an example of someone who died early due to an alcoholic seizure. She was only 24 when she died of a seizure. Such a shame she had a unique blues voice and destined for stardom. Alas, alcohol cut her life short and she didn’t even reach the 27Club member age. She died even younger then the many musicians who died at aged 27.

As Keith from the Summer Hill AA group would say, “It’s not how old you are that matters, it’s how long you’re gonna live” So true, alcohol allergy kills many young people a year. At around about 30 they’re washed up if they’re still drinking.

Statistics are hidden on that although and true causes of many early deaths attributed to alcohol are never known. AA members are in a unique position to see the true facts on why victim of alcohol die, commit suicide, have seizures mistaken for heart attacks, are wrongly diagnosed by doctors with mental problems and wrongly put on psych medication. All this as a direct result of problems with alcohol.

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How An Alcoholic Blackout Will End A Relationship

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This pic is not the real people in the post

Chatting recently with a woman on the train during our trip from the Blue Mountains to the City. She’s visiting her daughter who lives in the Eastern suburbs. Once settled she said she hopes her daughter had something nice to eat when she arrived. “She usually does”. Just to keep the chat flowing I ask if her daughter was married. Well… she said, it so happens… ‘ Well,’s funny you should ask, ..but well …yes, she was married recently, but now she’s separated and is getting a divorce …and so the story unfolds…

Sue her daughter, married Harry only around 3 months earlier and now they’re getting a divorce.

She first met Harry, a Fijian, and fairly new to Australia, and he seemed quite nice. He’s quite religious and Sue sometimes visited his church gatherings with him for support. Harry sang a little and he once played the guitar at a gathering.

Romance blossomed and both in their mid 30’s wanted to marry quickly. Sue owned her Eastern Suburbs apartment and they lived there once married.

Her brother runs a construction company and he employed Harry in a reasonably responsible position. The job came with a company vehicle that Harry could use on weekends also with petrol paid by the company. Harry settled into his new job fairly well without taking too much time off.

The couple enjoyed evenings together at home after work and sometimes they had friends over on the weekends. The evening something happened, they were home alone relaxing after dinner, with a glass of scotch playing records. They danced a little to the music and Sue then decided to play a favorite song that she and her father loved singing together when he was alive.

Sue put it on and sang along with the words. Harry listened intently and appeared to like it also. He gave Sue the thumbs up but then soon after the gesture changed to a thumbs down. Sue rather shocked, moved quickly to turn off the song, while at the same time asked Harry, “What does that mean?”

Soluble in Alcohol

Well, she doesn’t know what happened after that but she recalls being pinned down on the floor with Harry sitting on her. She cried out, ‘Don’t hit me, please don’t hit me’. She could feel the pain in her arm. Harry suddenly ripped off her clothing and with her only wearing pajamas she was naked. She thought he was going to rape her but he didn’t. Instead he shouted for her to book him a flight to Fiji.

Still pinned Sue reached for her mobile phone and tried to get online. She realized she couldn’t connect because her hands were shaking so much. She told Harry she would have to use the computer to book his flight . She didn’t think he’d let her up to do it but he did, and so she booked his one way ticket to Fiji for that night. A $600 ticket that he never used.

Sue managed to call her brother also, she needed him to come over ASAP. Desperately needing his support. He lives in outer Western suburbs and it took time for him to be there for her. While waiting Sue talked calmly to Harry. She assured him he could take the car to the airport and that she’d pick it up later and so he need not worry about leaving it.

She’s desperately checking to see how soon her brother would be before he gets there.

“I’m not far away now” he said. When he arrived he passed Harry outside near the car. The car door was open and in the light he could see Harry. He spoke briefly to him before heading inside to see sister Sue. After checking she’s okay he went back outside to talk with Harry but he was gone. Sue’s mum said that her son is probably sometimes a little racist and he came back inside and said to Sue that he couldn’t see Harry although he could still be in the shadows and he couldn’t see him because he’s black.

Harry did come back inside after a while and now with her brother there for support Sue told him how now he could see his daughter again, back in Fiji, and now with the money he will receive from her he can afford to send his daughter to a good school in Fiji.

The story was that Sue had a few dollars to protect when she married Harry and so had a per-nuptial agreement made up. The agreement was that Harry will receive $10.000 if the marriage broke down. Sue later told her mum that it is only $50 per year in Fiji to send a child to a ‘good school’.

Harry went back outside and later Sue and her brother went out to see that the car was gone. They guessed that Harry had taken it to the airport and caught his flight to Fiji.

Sue had photo’s taken of bruising and she laid assault charges.

It’s Over

Sue’s mum said her daughter told her later that Harry turned up again a couple of days later acting as if nothing had happened. It appeared to her that Harry thought their life would carry on as usual. Sue had to really spell it out to him that the marriage was over and that she was getting a divorce.

Now the Knowledge is Power on this blog interpretations of what had happened, and does happen regularly. This situation happens to people who are allergic to alcohol. They don’t know they are allergic to alcohol so are not aware of the effects. The average person would not recognise that alcohol caused Harry’s behavioral problem that night.  Fact is he had a personality change due to the alcohol. Not Sue’s mum, nor Sue nor her brother could guess that Harry had acted in an alcoholic blackout and that he had no recollection of what had happened that night.

Harry had an alcoholic blackout

Very few people can recognize an alcoholic blackout because there is very little info on it. The facts are deceiving.  Sue’s mum said they only had a small amounts from the scotch bottle that night and so it is understandable the problem is not identified as being directly related to alcohol.

Of course Harry could have had drinks before going home that night, but it can still happen this way if he didn’t. It’s virtually only people in Alcoholics Anonymous who can understand what has probably happened – and they are able to identify when the problem is alcoholism.

This knowledge comes from experience gained by attending AA meetings. We can safely say that a personality change happened to Harry. We can probably also safely say that it happened as a direct result of alcohol. Evidence is that Harry is a primary alcoholic He has destroyed a happy secure future for himself and he would have no idea why it happened. Sad but true that many similar cases happen everyday to people who drink and are allergic to alcohol.

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Mocktails On The Rocks, Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

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Lentil on the Rocks is a new ‘bar’ selling non-alcoholic drinks. It may be a good idea for some but overall the concept is missing the point if the idea is to be getting away from a drinking mentality. Instead it’s similar by both being based on how people socialize in an alcohol environment. Problem is that the people who use alcohol regularly as a social lubricant will not benefit by being in a similar pretend to nonalcoholcocktailsbe drinking alcohol, environment like this.

Usually people who drink alcohol regularly do so for the effect. They are the heavy drinkers. Facts are that heavy drinkers incorporate a larger percentage of regular alcohol users.

Doesn’t everyone drink alcohol for the effect? I know primary alcoholics do and they are the ones who will end up attending AA meetings. If they live long enough to get there, that is.

AA members often ask, why drink alcohol if not for the effect?

Allergy To Alcohol

The taste of alcohol is woeful. That is unless it’s Baileys or Tia, or something sweet – or an expensive scotch may have a pleasing taste. So does chocolate and it’s safe from a devastating mood changing effect that results when people have ab allergy to alcohol and don’t know until it’s too late.

Maybe I have missed the point here. Mocktails could be a good idea for socializing and maybe the idea will take off. I hope it does. It’s certainly better then drinking alcohol. We would like nothing better than to see kids not wiping themselves out while under the delusion that they are having a good time.

If I’m missed something here then please let me know. Until then I will keep asking, what is the point in pretending to be drinking alcohol when you are not?

We are also strongly advising AA members to stay away from the mocktail environment. It may seem harmless on the surface but unfortunately it’s not for you.  Stick with the coffee shops for a safe social environment and drink tea, not coffee, green tea is good. Alcoholics should not drink coffee, especially in early sobriety. It’s a proven fact.

Drinking alcohol can be a lifestyle choice for people who are not allergic to it and similarly the idea of not drinking alcohol is also a lifestyle choice. Don’t mix the two if wanting to achieve sobriety. Remember there’s no need to be in a drinking alcohol environment if not drinking alcohol. It could only serve to whet an appetite for alcohol.

For example, someone who is a heavy drinker and is wanting to give up alcohol due to problems associated with alcohol will not survive long in a mocktail environment. Simply because there’s no room for a change of thinking away from the drinking mentality.

Staying Sober

Instead it’s a deadly environment and especially for someone who may be attending AA or someone who is thinking about attending AA to receive help with a drinking problem. Staying sober is not possible while socializing at cocktail or mocktail bars. Simply because the thinking is not changing to a sober way of thinking. It’s not changing the mentality to a non-drinking mentality. Attending AA meetings will serve this purpose.

I hope mocktails are healthy drinks and that they don’t contain large amounts of sugar.  I hope also that they are not dressed up to look like an alcoholic drink but I strongly suspect that they are. Has anyone done the research on this? I hope not. Also a point is that by not putting them in cocktail glasses could help to make it a unique idea. Serving mocktails in jam jars or water glasses is a better idea then serving them in cocktail glasses.

A sober way to think is to instead have a nice green tea in a coffee shop rather then a mocktail in a place that resembles a pub environment.

Such a suggestion will possibly infuriate some readers and cause their blood to boil. If so they are not sober and they do not understand where I am coming from on this stand. Possibly also they do not know how to avoid problems that do come with not being able to stay sober for any length of time.

I hope most readers do understand this and will be able to leave a positive comment.

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An Alcoholic Can Not Drink In Moderation

Posted by admin on March 13, 2012
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Any person who is allergic to alcohol can never drink in moderation!

Alcoholics are allergic to alcohol – once an alcoholic – always an alcoholic.
Alcohol alone has an effect on the alcoholic. There is no other reason, such as character defects that is spruiked often by the spiritualists and the step workers in AA meetings. For the primary alcoholic this reaction is due to the fact that they have an allergic reaction to alcohol, which is unlike anything ever experienced by normal drinkers.
The alcoholic is a type of person, a type of character.  They are people who would normally do well academically and they usually excel in the sport of their choice. They are not dumb by any means although the alcohol makes them seem that way.
I have met at least 3 people – that I remember clearly, who had been sober a long time in AA.  They started socialising with people they worked with who were, social drinkers, or they became involved with a social drinker, and for whatever reason simply stopped going to AA meetings.
Because of them associating with people who are drinking they start to think that they could now have a drink and could control their drinking, and drink like the people they are associating with. They reason that the problems they had while drinking and early on when getting sober were now all gone. The immaturity,  the lack of education, the lack of living skills, the inexperience they had with men/women, etc, etc, etc.
The pattern was the same for them all. A thought occurred that, maybe now I can drink normally, as I no longer have these problems.
The only problem is that these 3 people where real/primary alkies and guess what – the alcohol had exactly the same effect on them as before, only worse. They had the blackouts, their personality changed – they were now acting out of character, they had paranoia and mental instability after drinking. They all found it very difficult to get back off the booze again once they had started. This is because their thinking had changed due to the effects of the alcohol. Effects they had from alcohol both during and lasting effects after drinking it. Their mind also told them many reasons why they could not go back to AA.
I remember the last guy I met.  He had been sober 19 years in AA.  He now had a really top job, as he put it, working with very intelligent people whom he was no less intelligent, and the same thought occurred to him.  Maybe now I can drink in moderation.  He rationalised that he had faced and tackled all of the problems that made him drink and the problems that he had  experienced while drinking. He thought there was no reason why he couldn’t drink today. After all, he was successful, respected, intelligent and now was emotionally mature.
After drinking again he told me that the alcohol had, “Exactly the same effect as it had on him 19 years before. He had the blackout, the personality change, and acting out of character. He was back looking for more alcohol the next day and he needed it to be able to function. Before he knew it he was drinking in the same way as before only worse. He realised he was drinking more alcohol than he had before going to AA the first time.
This is another example that alcoholics are allergic to alcohol.  They cannot turn back the clock where alcohol is concerned.  They are as the older sober members (OSM) of AA say.  That they are bodily and mentally different to the normal drinker, where alcohol is concerned. Alcohol does not effect people in the same way as it does someone who is allergic to alcohol.

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Can a Relationship with an Alcoholic Survive ?

Posted by admin on November 10, 2011
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If you are asking can a relationship with an alcoholic survive the short answer is ‘no’ It is said that there are always exceptions to any rule however it is not advisable to get into a relationship when he or she is alcoholic drinking. Also during a time of getting sober. For an alcoholic, a relationship at this time spells disaster. That is because it is likely the two will have nothing in common. Nothing except possibly the alcohol, if they are both drinking. Often during a relationship like this he spends the time trying to prove that he has not made a mistake, when in fact he has.

alcoholic abusine relationship

Sometimes he may even get married and it lasts for a while. Chances are that it will end in divorce. A relationship for an alcoholic while drinking is never successful for any length of time.

Together for the wrong reason’s

Although his life is unmanageable due to alcohol he is usually a good worker and a good money earner. He has to be resourceful in this way, due to the way that he drinks. He needs lots of money. That earning capacity makes him an attractive catch to some women. They are in fact together for the wrong reasons.

Many women like the security of someone who is bringing in a good regular income. His drinking is overlooked or it could even be seen as an advantage by some women who like to take control in relationships.

They see that an alkie is easily manipulated when he is drinking. In most situations he is not seeing the situation as it really is so he is oblivious to things going on around him. Including the partner playing up behind his back.

The victim not the perpetrator

A lot is said in the media on abusive alcoholic relationships. The partner is said to be enduring hardship of some sort or another because of his drinking. Sorry I do not buy this story at all. The reason I do not feel sorry for someone in a relationship with an alcoholic is this:

  • The alcoholic is the victim. He is the victim of alcohol and of any nutter who wants to get hold of him – which is usually for their own advantage.
  • When drinking he is not in control of his life. Therefor everyone else around him is in control.
  •  An alcoholic who is sober will say that once they find out what is wrong with them, after going to AA, they then have to take a good look at the people around them and wonder what is wrong with them.
  • This is because they realize that, they (themselves) would not put up with anyone like themselves for 5 minutes, if it had not been for the affects of alcohol.

It is sometimes sensationalized in the media that the poor woman is victim of a abusive alcoholic relationship. This does not makes sense. Simply because she has a choice. That is that she can leave. She does not have to put up with any abuse. So who is really the victim in such a situation?

Got to be cruel to be kind

The kindest thing someone can do for a practicing alcoholic is to leave him. That is because propping him up will only keep him longer away from doing something positive about himself, and before it’s too late. Fact is he may think he is O.K. and not that bad, if someone is  propping him up, as the saying goes.

At this point I would like to make something very clear. This is that there are many people who have other problems besides alcohol and who also like to drink and who are not alcoholics. They are the nutters who drink and become violent in drink. Alcohol can affect nutters badly and can cause their problems, whatever they may be, to be worse. Drinking alcohol for these people can cause a result of them hurting themselves or others.

This type of person (the nutter who drinks) is the one who gives the poor old alkie a bad name. This is because a nutter who drinks and has adverse effects are regularly referred to as alcoholics – by counselors and by the mainstream media – when in fact they are not alcoholics at all.

Primary Alcoholics are misunderstood

A primary alcoholic is misunderstood due to many factors including these people who have other problems and who drink alcohol. An alcoholic is in fact someone who is allergic to alcohol and is not a perpetrator he is a victim. This allergy to alcohol causes him to have a personality change. Putting aside what anyone else may think of him, the personality change causes him to become someone he doesn’t like – because he can not live up to his own expectations.

Commenting on this topic in encouraged and questions about the practicing alcoholic will be answered. Please understand though that a person who is not an alcoholic does not understand  properly, the problems of an alcoholic.


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