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Addiction is not an Alcohol Problem

Posted by admin on March 17, 2017
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A Primary alcoholic is not someone who has an addiction to alcohol. They are allergic to alcohol. So it’s not true when someone says they are an addict in relation to a problem with alcohol. Once you’ve learned how to cope with an alcohol problem it’s a good thing not to be consuming alcohol. Someone with a problem is to learn why they need to stop drinking alcohol.

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Society is brainwashed by multi million $ advertising that wants us to believe that not drinking alcohol means missing out on something good. This is SO not true. In reality it is the total opposite. It’s a delusion to think alcohol will enhance your life. Corporations who make lots of money from the sale of alcohol and Detox Centres make money from addiction.

Instead the message here is to stop drinking or die. Being allergic to alcohol and not being aware of the problem is the danger. Alcohol is an illegal drug contrary to the belief of Russell Brand. It’s a drug that’s no better if not worse then other illegal drugs. Alcohol has a different affect and it’s treatment needs to be different to gain positive results.

The person allergic to alcohol is often referred to here as “a primary” and it’s explained why they’re different to heavy drinkers. They’re different also to drug addicts and different to secondary alcoholics.They are in a class on their own.

They have a different makeup to the drunk/secondary/spiritualist/headcase/sexo/etc. that frequent AA meetings. It is confusing at times for a primary to know how to get sober. Confusing because there’s no awareness of the true problem associated with alcohol. It’s not understood in mainstream media.

AA’s anonymity is why Alcoholics Anonymous was so successful for many years. AA helped people once but it’s very hard now to get sober. One reason why this site is necessary – to get the information out. Information that’s not in the meetings anymore.

Instead victims now don’t have an understanding as to why they can’t drink alcohol. A primary is allergic to alcohol and so can not drink like normal people. One drink sets up a compulsion. One drink is not enough because they drink for affect and not for the taste. An affect to the allergy caused by alcohol.

Getting sober is now a paid business where some are making a killing in more ways then one from addiction. AA is free and this is why it’s not popular with the addiction moneymakers as a solution to get people sober. AA is however the only place that’s known to have success for the allergy and possibly those with addiction.

Drug addiction is Different. Different affect, different nature to Alcohol.

They are smarter. Much smarter then the step workers and spiritualists who frequent AA meetings. Listen to them and a primary will end up dead. Primary’s are business people and so they can pick up things much easier – easier then the average person as well. That’s because they are logical thinkers. They are also fast learners.

The spiritualists and step workers are not logical thinkers or fast learners. For example, they say from the floor of meetings that they are “slow learners” and that they are a ‘garden variety alcoholic’ In other words, they have the IQ of a pot plant. Alcohol will not kill them. They have OTHER PROBLEMS.

Alcohol affects a Primary differently to a drunk. Because of an allergy to alcohol. NOT addiction to alcohol and drugs. The allergy oppresses their natural abilities and so the behaviour is often opposite to capabilities. They’re useless in many ways. Alcohol causes difficulties with keeping in tough with daily living skills.The simple things become difficult.

Life becomes unmanageable. When drinking a primary don’t recognize they are smart. What happens doesn’t happen to the average person. It affects them differently. This fact is not common knowledge and so doesn’t have an easily recognized solution.

The sufferer doesn’t understand what’s happening to them. They don’t recognize warning signs. The danger signals. Someone who is allergic to alcohol may at times behave like a hopeless drunk, but they are not drunks. They don’t pass out like a drunk does. Quite the opposite, they have a huge capacity of alcohol.

They can not see that it affects them mentally. They have mental blackouts and this is difficult to understand or even recognize. A primary needs to recognize how they are different and why alcohol affects them differently.

A primary is not the derelict in the park. He’s not a weak hopeless person who pees himself. He’s far from that description. The mainstream media depicts alcoholism in this way but it’s not true for the person allergic to alcohol. A mental allergy to alcohol is what the media lies about or has no knowledge of.

It’s the normal to be sober. Life is not meant for artificial highs. Life is meant to be experiencing natural highs. This is not possible if there’s an allergy to alcohol and it effects the brain. A primary is not someone that passes out from alcohol. A good alkie doesn’t come alive till around 2am.

It’s good if you are a sober primary.

A primary is a good honest and happy person. A pillar in society in many instances. Example is Dr Sylvester Minogue. A primary is often a leader and is someone people look up to.

It’s an advantage to be a sober primary. He’s basically honest although unpredictable when drinking. He can not guarantee his behavior when drinking alcohol. Not even in small amounts. It sets up a compulsion. He is allergic to alcohol and it’s an allergy to the brain. The frontal lobe. It flips the thinking and that happens from that very first drink.

Life is never the same again after drinking alcohol. Not until he stops drinking it and he spend time adjusting the thinking back to the person he would have been if not for alcohol. In other words to get sober.


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Have a Relationship Problem with Alcohol?

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Need Help?

Relationship problem alcohol

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 Do You Want To Know

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I know we can help if you have a relationship problem with alcohol. Once you can understand the problem you can get on top of it. Send an email and we can send you more information to help get started to a better way of living.  Take care, put the whip away, don’t beat yourself up, it’s not your fault. That’s not just a line either it’s not your fault! Contact Us Now! We can help.

Knowledge is power

  • Get the knowledge and you have the power to manage your life.
  • You can run problem free. It’s true!
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  • Life was not meant for artificial highs – It was meant to seek out the natural highs with ease and delight.
  • Please fill out the contact form and we can get back to you.
  • Give us a day or so to contact you.

Practical techniques show you how to develop your skills, improve your effectiveness and build your success relationships with people.

Learn what to do once you stop drinking alcohol. It’s not hard to give up alcohol. The skill is in staying stopped from drinking alcohol. One glass is no good. One glass will only make it worse. If you have an allergy to alcohol you can’t have one glass. Similar to a peanut allergy.

You just need to know the tools of sobriety. You need to know how to look after yourself at AA meetings. What to do when you get there. What to say. Email us and we can have a talk. Do you know someone who needs help with a problem with alcohol. Get the information you need to be able to help them. Join us. Email us.


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12 Steps to Control Your Alcohol

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A Better Way !

Life Was Not Meant To Be Easy. Well in fact it was. – Just not meant to be chasing Easy Artificial Highs.

Chasing such an effect could put you in danger of being a victim of drink spiking and many other dangers.

Including for those who are allergic to alcohol the effect may result in a blackout, a delusive state, or something else that causes misery.

Life becomes hard and we can’t always see what is happening to our lives. By reading this blog you will come to realize that being sober is fun – and that not having an alcohol problem is how life is meant to be enjoyed.

You may well ask:

1. How can I stop drinking alcohol on my own?
2. How can you prevent alcohol addiction?

3. What are the steps to overcome alcoholism?
4. How do I stop drinking alcohol to excess?

In reality we need to stop using alcohol as a social lubricant – It is in fact a dangerous delusive drug.

A delusive drug that makes people that are allergic to it to not see things as they really are.

Anyone who wants to give it up, even for a while, usually needs help to be successful.
* For many overcoming a disease takes a little time – especially one caused by alcohol.

The advantages are to:
  • Stop blackouts.
  • Avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • Minimize chances of being a victim of drink spiking.
  • Not to go into a seizure – seizures kill – they are wrongly diagnosed as a heart attack.
  • Have accountability to self and to others.
  • Maintain and protect self respect.

If you’re someone who can’t guarantee the behavior when drinking – then alcohol is not for you.

Find another way to have ‘fun’ Life is fun without alcohol.

The liquor industry spends $billions to have consumers believe that alcohol is what fun is ALL about. NOT TRUE!  It becomes a delusion, a lie. Instead over use of alcohol sends many lovely young people to an early grave. I’m sure we don’t have to convince you of that. I bet you know people who it has affected and who are in trouble due to over use of alcohol – this is a true fact.

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