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God In Alcoholics Anonymous: A luxury I Can’t Afford

Posted by admin on April 15, 2017
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God in AA is a luxury a primary alcoholic can’t afford. God in replace of sobriety simply doesn’t work. If you’ve got God in AA meetings, you haven’t got a grasp on sobriety. Sober people get you sober but they are not being called anymore. These days they talk about God and working 12 steps in AA and not talking about sobriety.

God in Alcoholics Anonymous

That’s not sobriety. That’s madness. Sobriety needs to always be a priority in AA meetings. Like it was once, years ago. Instead we find people chairing meetings who have no idea what they’re doing, like Lana last week.

Some have been around for a long time and they still have not got sober. They are not Primary alcoholics (people allergic to alcohol). Instead primary’s die through lack of information at meetings.

Now they have people chairing who don’t call sober people. Worse still they have no concept of what is sobriety. It’s evident they haven’t a clue on how to keep people sober. Sober people know their history and they don’t like it. They can’t lies from the floor.

When long term members are in attendance they can’t lie about sobriety. Long term sober people know when they’ve had a bust or two (meaning they have not had unbroken sobriety). Many of these people who attend meetings are not Primary’s, not secondary’s, they are not even alcoholics at all. The grog will not kill them so they can afford to make mistakes.

Lana Said She Didn’t Have God, Is Why She Busted – But She Did !

Lana chaired a meeting last week: She came to AA 30 years ago and never stayed sober for any length of time. She had no shame in not calling sober people. She left a member of the fellowship with 26 years of unbroken sobriety sit there listening to failure after failure called to speak. People who instead spoke of unresolved issues in their life, surmountable problems, and told how unhappy they were to be not drinking.

Common sense would tell you to call sobriety to help people who have failed. How else can they find out what they’re going wrong, why they can’t stay sober. Sobriety is not a matter of life and death for all who attend AA meetings. For primary’s it is that serious and so if they make a mistake they don’t last. They die, and a new lot take their place, and noting changes.

The chairwomen who didn’t call sobriety, in fact went out of her way NOT to call sobriety. Her history is she had not been to AA meetings for over 10 years. She had a failed relationship and left AA. She’s back, a couple years now and nothing has changed. She’s still winging about having no sobriety.

Sobriety or God

The meeting she chaired has been going for over 26 years. All this time and they do not have anyone sober to put in the chair. Lana said recently from the floor that she didn’t get sober all those years ago because she didn’t have God in her life but she did. She was telling us, back then, she did.

That’s typical though, she known for not telling the truth as is all spiritualists in AA meetings. Before she left AA 10 years ago she said she was praying and “working the program”. Never staying sober though.

In the early 1990’s Lana told a group member (who she fancied) that she was 10 years sober. An older sober member (OSM) went to see who this could be. First names are used only in AA so to further identify someone we ask, “How long are they sober”? That way someone can be identified when name matches up with sobriety.

Hers didn’t, so we went to see who she was. when OSM saw it was her they knew she was not 10 years sober. Not many people would know she lied and she may have got away with it. It’s dangerous though for new people to think they are dealing with an OSM when they are not. Especially when they offer themselves as a sponsor.


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How to Do the12 Steps AA: Do the 1st one and you are doing them

Posted by admin on December 15, 2015
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The 12 Steps and A A are said to go together. Although AA is a fellowship not a ‘program‘ and does not rely on working steps to have success at getting people sober. It is said by spiritualists at AA meetings that AA is a program. It is not.

Many say they’re doing 12 steps AA and they refer to AA as a program.  The Preamble  states that AA is a fellowship of men and women, not a program of men and women. It couldn’t get much clearer then that. The first step is the only one that mentions alcohol and so is the only one that needs to be done on a daily basis to help to achieve sobriety. The OSM’s, older sober members, said that if you are doing that one then you are doing The Twelve Steps.


The first step: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives have become unmanageable.

This step is in two parts, admitting we are powerless, we do that when we walk through the doors. If alcohol was doing for us what we thought it was doing then AA would be the last place to end up. For alcoholics, alcohol is a dangerous delusive drug, it makes them see things how they want to see it and not how it really is. People who are allergic to alcohol (primary alcoholics) are people who are chasing an effect that they never get.

If they did they would know when to stop and be happy with the desired effect and so to not to continue drinking which is what happens. They chase an effect into blackout by keeping on drinking and whatever that effect may be. They still don’t know, even when arriving at an AA meeting and they are lucky to find out after that as well. That’s simply due to the fact that there’s very little sobriety in AA these days. Sad but true.

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Why the 12 Steps of AA Does Not Work For Alcoholics

Posted by admin on October 29, 2011
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The older sober members of AA (OSM) when they were around explained why, the 12 steps of AA does not work for alcoholics. The main reason for this is because they are religion based, and they are written in the past. The first one is O.K. It is the only one that mentions alcohol so that is the only one an alcoholic needs to be interested in. It is stated by the OSMs that if you are doing the first one then you are also doing the rest.

They are only guidelines and you do not have to be flogging yourself to death with steps in A.A. Many alkies are given a bum steer and they fall into the trap of trying to pray and work steps for sobriety. They don’t stay around if they do steps because it doesn’t work. Simple as that.

The steps are full of religion and written in the past. Meaning that when the book was written they, The Oxford Group  were not working steps. If they were they would have been written in the present, not the past.

God Is A Negative Influence In AA Meetings

When a short-termer comes to A.A. he needs to know a few simple things.  He needs to take note.

  • stay on the first step
  • only do ID meetings
  • stay out of the old environment
  • stay away from mugs (i.e. people like themselves)
  • do a meeting every day and preferably an 8pm meeting
  • find a group where people are staying sober
  • only sit in the chair at your own home group meeting
  • stay away from god
  • tell your story of, what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now

God is a negative influence for alkies while getting sober. That’s because god gets the credit when things are going O.K. and they are staying sober. However when alkies are sent nuts by praying and working steps, and have a humongous bust. They themselves, get the blame for their bust. God does not get the blame. That;s how it becomes a negative influence. Simply because they are never giving themselves the credit for anything.

Let Common Sense Prevail

Common sense says that if something is getting the credit when things are going right then that same something must also get the blame when things go wrong. If not it defies common sense and defies logic.

The steps are telling alkies to hand over when instead he should be learning how to take control of his life. When drinking he is not in control, alcohol is in control of his life. Getting sober means to be learning to manage your own life. Telling alkies to ‘Hand over to a power greater then yourself’ does not make any sense and will sent alkies nuts trying to do that.

New members will hear many people in A.A. talking about ‘the program’ but for a short-termer if he wants to stay around it is only a 5 word program. Don’t drink and go to meetings.

It takes 5 to 7 years to get sober if you do everything right. That is not a sentence. It means to give yourself that time to become the person you would have been – if alcohol had not interrupted your life. Many have been drinking for anything up to 20 years when they arrive. If saying a few prayers and working a few steps is all they need to do to get sober then there wouldn’t have been much wrong with them in the first place. This is what makes sense.




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