AA Is Not A Place for Finding God

Posted by admin on July 17, 2014

If someone wants to be finding god then AA is not the place. Churches are there for that. These places have many experienced spiritually trained people and possibly in other religious organisations as well. Places designed for this purpose. However, AA is not the place. Alkies when getting sober in AA are after all only ex drunks. This type of behaviour In AA of trying to find god only ends up being an enormous problem for members.god_in_aa

What happens is that many normally insignificant people come to AA meetings and they find status that they  normally they would not have.

Not in a million years would they have status in the real world. Suddenly they are transformed into spiritual gurus, like Bill Wilson when he came to the Oxford Group of Western Canada. He saw the first 100 men there. They were no more then 2 years sober.

Sponsors In AA

Non alcoholics become sponsors in AA to unsuspecting members. They spill hogwash that goes with religious organisation and religion has no place in AA.

Sober members of AA have not yet met anyone in the past 25 years who is sober and happy and sane as a result of praying and working steps for sobriety.  Not one has survived by trying to find god in AA.

What we are saying here is that not one alkie has managed to get sober by daily working steps and praying and reading books for sobriety. The people who do this are instead all very strange and they talk in a foreign lingo that is not mainstream and they behave in a way that would not impress a potential employer if they went for a job interview.

Keep It Simple In AA Meetings

Anyone known in AA who is sober, happy and sane and is not living with daily madness are the ones who have kept it simple. When these people attend meetings they talk about their story of what it was like, what happened and what it is like now. This brings them into today and others can relate to them.

Sober alcoholics are no different in their talk, language, dress, mannerisms than the average person in the street. They got that way by keeping it simple and living a day at a time. By putting AA and their sobriety first and by talking to other alkies on a daily basis. In their early days they needed to be getting answers to real problems, and as they happened. They needed this so that they are always living in the here and now.

They are the people who have changed from the thinking of a drunk and who are no longer living with drunks, and not mixing with drunks. Because of this their life is not filled with problems that are caused by the people with problems. This means staying away from anything that causes any type of mental instability and any type of mental problems in their life is to be avoided at all cost.

Staying Away From Unstable People is Key

Alkies know that they cannot live with or mix with unstable people who will cause them problems. If anything gets in the way of their sobriety then it has to go and it has to go permanently. This example is what members were told in the early days before detox centres took over and started filling their heads full of rubbish about praying and working steps for sobriety.

AA works – We were told to keep an open mind – but not so open that your brains fall out.

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