12 Steps to Control Your Alcohol

Posted by admin on February 17, 2017
control alcohol

A Better Way !

Life Was Not Meant To Be Easy. Well in fact it was. – Just not meant to be chasing Easy Artificial Highs.

Chasing such an effect could put you in danger of being a victim of drink spiking and many other dangers.

Including for those who are allergic to alcohol the effect may result in a blackout, a delusive state, or something else that causes misery.

Life becomes hard and we can’t always see what is happening to our lives. By reading this blog you will come to realize that being sober is fun – and that not having an alcohol problem is how life is meant to be enjoyed.

You may well ask:

1. How can I stop drinking alcohol on my own?
2. How can you prevent alcohol addiction?

3. What are the steps to overcome alcoholism?
4. How do I stop drinking alcohol to excess?

In reality we need to stop using alcohol as a social lubricant – It is in fact a dangerous delusive drug.

A delusive drug that makes people that are allergic to it to not see things as they really are.

Anyone who wants to give it up, even for a while, usually needs help to be successful.
* For many overcoming a disease takes a little time – especially one caused by alcohol.

The advantages are to:
  • Stop blackouts.
  • Avoid alcohol poisoning.
  • Minimize chances of being a victim of drink spiking.
  • Not to go into a seizure – seizures kill – they are wrongly diagnosed as a heart attack.
  • Have accountability to self and to others.
  • Maintain and protect self respect.

If you’re someone who can’t guarantee the behavior when drinking – then alcohol is not for you.

Find another way to have ‘fun’ Life is fun without alcohol.

The liquor industry spends $billions to have consumers believe that alcohol is what fun is ALL about. NOT TRUE!  It becomes a delusion, a lie. Instead over use of alcohol sends many lovely young people to an early grave. I’m sure we don’t have to convince you of that. I bet you know people who it has affected and who are in trouble due to over use of alcohol – this is a true fact.

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