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Why The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous Doesn’t Work

Posted by admin on March 05, 2017
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12 Steps may work for many other 12 Step Programs. Work for people with all sorts of other problems but not for alcoholics (someone allergic to alcohol) that attend A A meetings on a regular basis.

The first step is the only one to be interested in. If you do this one daily all will be OK. To make your life 12 steps aamanageable daily . Then the other 11 steps fall into place automatically. Then there’s no need to worry YOU ARE DOING THE 12 STEPS. Don’t stress all is well.


After all it is ONLY about not drinking alcohol. That’s all. You also need to be happy about it. Never fear, without alcohol life is good. Life was not meant for artificial highs like alcohol. Without this illegal drug your life will be great. You will learn the experience of life. Learn how it was meant to be. You will live a life of natural highs and be happy. The same way people do who are not allergic to alcohol. You will not hear or read this information from mainstream media. Why? because of the advertisers. There’s to much money in it for them. Money from alcohol sales and from people wanting to get sober.

Here we explain each step so you will know why ‘working 12 steps’ after attending AA meetings needs to be avoided. You will learn why to void individually doing steps and why there are no results from doing them.

Step 1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol – and that our lives had become unmanageable.

This is the only step out of the 12 that mentions alcohol. It’s the only one you need to be interested in. This step comes in two parts. The first part ‘We admitted we were powerless over alcohol‘ This is easy if already attending AA meetings. You have done the first part of the 1st Step. This happened when you walked through the doors of AA. Reason that is if alcohol was doing for us what we thought it was doing then AA is the last place to be going.

The second part of the first step is: ‘that our lives had become unmanageable’ If your life is unmanageable and alcohol has something to do with it then AA is the right place to be. To start making the life manageable, ON A DAILY BASIS. This means to not drink for that day. Go to a meeting and stay out of the old environment. That is not to associate with drinkers, or drug takers of the past. Make sure you eat properly and if you haven’t got a job get one. If you have got a job keep going. Don’t give it up. Stay till they sack you if that’s the way it is. It is the best option.

Life will change once you are on a track of getting sober. We are nice happy little people. It’s only alcohol that made us into people that we didn’t like. Let alone what anyone else thought. A person allergic to alcohol the victim of alcohol and not the perpetrator. You will not hear this said at AA meetings. They will talk about their defects of character. Say things like ‘we were liars’ or ‘we were selfish’ etc. many negative things. These people have no idea of the true nature of alcoholism.

12 Steps For A Primary Alcoholic is No Good When the Only Problem Is Alcohol.

Many of the people who frequent AA meetings will never get this. Because for whatever reason they don’t recognize it for what it is. More like they don’t want to recognize this simple fact. Why? One reason why is self interest. To have control over you. They can’t do this if you don’t believe you are sick.

Many who attend AA meetings are not alcoholics or secondary alcoholics at best. They in fact have something else wrong with them. They are not allergic to alcohol. Alcohol will never kill them. For them sobriety is not a matter of life and death. First impression when attending an AA meeting is that everyone is there for sobriety. Not true. Then why the hell would you attend AA meetings with sick people. Well, the reality is that many people attend for many and varied reasons. Some reasons are obvious and has briefly been explained here.

The people who don’t have sobriety to offer you are there to control you. They can only do this be having you pray and work steps for sobriety. They also control you by being your sponsor. They find out all about you this way and will have you working steps. Sobriety is not about that. Not at all. It’s not normal and it’s not a practical way of living. Especially not when all you need is to stop drinking alcohol and to get on with your life.


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How to Do the12 Steps AA: Do the 1st one and you are doing them

Posted by admin on December 15, 2015
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The 12 Steps and A A are said to go together. Although AA is a fellowship not a ‘program‘ and does not rely on working steps to have success at getting people sober. It is said by spiritualists at AA meetings that AA is a program. It is not.

Many say they’re doing 12 steps AA and they refer to AA as a program.  The Preamble  states that AA is a fellowship of men and women, not a program of men and women. It couldn’t get much clearer then that. The first step is the only one that mentions alcohol and so is the only one that needs to be done on a daily basis to help to achieve sobriety. The OSM’s, older sober members, said that if you are doing that one then you are doing The Twelve Steps.


The first step: We admitted we were powerless over alcohol and that our lives have become unmanageable.

This step is in two parts, admitting we are powerless, we do that when we walk through the doors. If alcohol was doing for us what we thought it was doing then AA would be the last place to end up. For alcoholics, alcohol is a dangerous delusive drug, it makes them see things how they want to see it and not how it really is. People who are allergic to alcohol (primary alcoholics) are people who are chasing an effect that they never get.

If they did they would know when to stop and be happy with the desired effect and so to not to continue drinking which is what happens. They chase an effect into blackout by keeping on drinking and whatever that effect may be. They still don’t know, even when arriving at an AA meeting and they are lucky to find out after that as well. That’s simply due to the fact that there’s very little sobriety in AA these days. Sad but true.

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Working Steps Did Not Work For Bill Wilson or Dr Bob

Posted by admin on July 06, 2014
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I have been sober in AA for 25 years and have met many thousands of people in AA rooms over the years in meetings all around the world. I think the first thing to consider here in relation to an article on this blog that AA works by keeping it simple.

The 12 steps, did not work for Bill Wilson or Doctor Bob nor the first “100” original members – Fact – have a look at the Archives. Wilson experimented with all sorts of pills, treatments and LSD and was a serial womaniser.  He did not get “sober”.  Sober being sane and happy

Dr Bob

Dr Bob

without alcohol.  Wilson was never happy. Instead he suffered from depression all of his life and even after coming to AA.  It could be said that his medicine did not work for him because it turns out that he too was an alcoholic who did not, at that time, know that retrospection without a solution is of no use to anyone.

It is impossible for a real alcoholic to stay of drink without being on a track of getting sober. This is because they go mad and they “need” to drink.  hence the saying “you may leave these rooms and “need” never drink again”.  You don’t need to drink if you find a new way of living life without alcohol.  The alcoholic has nothing once alcohol is gone and needs a solution immediately. Not years of therapy and working steps. That doesn’t work.

He needs an immediate answer so that he “need” not drink.  For the alkie that answer has to be something to put in place of his old thinking immediately – hence “forget the past, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery – if you are dead none of it matters anyway so deal only with right here and now and concentrate on staying alive and getting through the day in a way that makes you feel you can do it again tomorrow.  Personally had I been told I was full of character defects, selfish to the core, and basically that it was all my fault, I would have felt it better to top myself.  Luckily the people who helped me where real alcoholics who knew that alcohol was the problem and that I like all new alkies to AA have no idea how to live without booze and need to learn everything from scratch one day at a time.

The 12 steps do not work for the real alcoholics because their problem is alcohol and the thinking patterns created by their life of living as an alcoholic.
The steps presume that they are dealing with someone who drank because of something and if they get to the root of it the person wont need to drink – this is not the case with an alkie who is allergic to alcohol and once hooked it twists their thinking because of the mental effect it has – personality change, blackouts, causes them to cover their tracks, be confused and paranoid the next day, in some cases be so mixed up mentally that they have to put on a daily facade that becomes a habit they live with while drinking which is why when they do get sober in aa they need to learn to live in the day in reality and need the help of other sober alcoholics to steer them in the right direction – there is no answers for them in the past only in the day dealing with the facts and getting answers to their daily problems so that they do not build up the tension they are so used to from their drinking lives that causes them to see no other answer than to blow out and have another drink.

When they come to AA they have to learn to think differently.  For the alcoholic that means living in reality, thinking positive, living a sober life away from other active alcoholics – their old friends and family who all knew the “old” person.

The new sober alcoholic has to have time to “grow into the new sober person and cannot do this while trying to live the old life – this is a killer for alcoholics and the previous web post is so right – many thousands of us die after coming to AA because they are shunted into the past by mad people who have no idea what it is like to actually be a real alcoholic where the problem is alcoholism.

Real alcoholics do not usually have a problem with relationships – we have seldom had any except with the booze, we do not have a problem with sex – again it was not our main priority when drinking, we do not have a problem with selfishness, character defects, feelings  or the myriad other rubbish they talk in meetings.  Real alcoholics are just that – alcoholics – people who have not grown up because of the effects of alcohol and generally who land in AA when the alcohol stops working – no more blackouts, and personality change, instead are left with 24 hour madness that nothing relieves. They can suddenly have a moment of clarity and realised that booze is killing them.

This is a time when they get to AA and if they don’t they don’t have much time left to live.

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12 Steps of AA – Do They Work ?

Posted by admin on September 12, 2013
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Janine is a heavy drinker and not an alcoholic. She said, but I am not so sure she’s not. In an article she said,  AA killed her marriage

Now why then does she blame AA for killing her marriage? – Is it because:

* Her husband stopped drinking with AA, ..or because
* He went to regular AA meetings, …or is it because…

* He started working the 12 steps of AA
* In the article its stated that, he had a personality change and apparently the change was not for the better – in her opinion. Instead she states, We simply could not live together, because when people do get sober, they change radically.aa_survival_2

Well of course alcoholics change radically if they have an opportunity to get sober. It’s obvious that Bruno attending AA meetings and staying out of the old environment does not suite Janine. She instead wants him to be drinking.

Once Bruno stops drinking he will start to get sober. It takes 5 to 7 years. He will then becomes the person he wanted to be before alcohol took control of his life.

Oh, and it’s important to note that he will still be exciting.  That is to someone who loved him and not just his pay packet and unpredictable lifestyle. The right person is not another drunk in his life. He will die if he stays with her if she is drinking.

Facts are obviously not important to Janine. Instead it’s all about her, and what she wants. Basically she doesn’t want to lose her drinking partner.  Signs that she is an alcoholic as well. Her story about Bruno is that, He started to drink to numb the fear, the pain…

That excuse simply does not cut it. Alcoholics drink because they are alcoholics and don’t need any other reason. And when they are ready they must go to AA if they want to get sober. they do this by telling their own story, not have it told by someone else. When getting sober he simply can not afford to be in a relationship with someone who is drinking. An alcoholic must get out of the old environment for him to survive AA and to get sober.

Janine states Bruno wants to get sober and she’s wrong in her belief as to why alcoholics need to get sober by attending AA. meetings. It is known that health reasons alone will not stop them drinking alcohol. Facts are that when drinking they have no choice but to drink unless they are going to AA. This is one of the differences between drug addicts and alcoholics. Addicts take drugs because they choose to and once an alcoholic starts to drink he continues because he has to. He can not stay stoped for any length of time unless he attends AA meetings. Also if he does not stop drinking fairly quickly he will die. AA is the only thing known that has results with getting people sober.

Janine said she, was the girl with the broken wing, Possibly she needs to considered the possibility that she is an alcoholic as well.

If not then he did need to leave her, for his own good. The older sober members (OSM) of AA call people like her a, lame duck. (she obviously has something wrong with her) Something else wrong besides an alcohol problem. It’s strongly advised that anyone wanting to get sober in AA can not afford to have lame ducks around them.

Her article is about his problem however we can assume SHE continued to drink after Bruno stopped drinking and started attending AA meetings. Well then, of course she wouldn’t fit in with his new sober friends. She does she say she even slows down her drinking during this time.

Still drinking while Bruno is trying to stay sober. No wonder the marriage broke down. Also note in her article she still associated with the drunks of the past and she actually criticizes Bruno for not wanting to do the same.

Janine’s complaint is not the fault of AA. Her readers who didn’t know better would be inclined to believe her when she said that, AA killed her marriage, Instead of knowing that it is her, continuing to drink that killed the marriage.

Janine said, He was drinking every single night, not sleeping and sinking into a hopeless depression, the result of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder… before he attended AA meetings.

She doesn’t recognise that he is sober due to AA. The issues he has other then alcoholism is not the concern of AA members. They are not equipped to deal with health problems that are not AA related, such as, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to the war.

Janine did admit Bruno is successful at not drinking due to him attending AA meetings. She then said he also began working the 12 steps of AA.

Interesting to note she doesn’t say anything against him working steps. We are to assume she thinks that’s okay. On the other hand if she said this is when the problem started, this would be understandable, but she doesn’t say his working the 12 steps was any sort of a problem.

Instead she said, I went to an AA Christmas party, and while everyone was friendly and welcoming, it was clear they set a wall between ‘us and them. What would Janine be doing at an AA function if she was not an alcoholic? And what kind of wall? Is her problem that AA people were not drinking alcohol? I

If she’s not complaining about him working steps, then what is the complaint?

Let it be known that sober alcoholics are normal people. They do not have a wall between themselves and normal people in society. They do on the other hand learn that they must avoid nutters who drink. She obviously fits this category.

She is complaining her husband chooses not to associate with her friends who are drunks. Then she says this killed her marriage along with him attending Alcoholics Anonymous.

She states she is not an alcoholic but yet she would rather her marriage fall apart then to give up alcohol herself. Obviously she would rather be in a smelly saloon bar. The pubs and bars are the smelly and rough places, not the church halls she says are smelly and where AA meetings are held.

She really is delusional and in denial of her own drinking problems.


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Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Posted by admin on November 04, 2011
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Do you know that the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book is used to have Big Book study groups? The groups are unsuccessful and don’t stay open for long because no one survives them. They close down after a short time because they have no members left. They all get drunk and end up dead. After a while another lot comes along to take their place. Another Big Book study group will open up with the same results.

You would think they could learn from the previously unsuccessful group members that went down the chute. That they would try to do it differently this time to get different results, but they never do. Instead they tell the new lot coming through A.A. to do the same things that sent the last lot of poor unfortunates to the bone yard.

Someone once said to me that they had been a member of a Big Book study group for 2 years. My ears pricked up. Could this be an indication they are doing something different? I contemplated for a moment.

Being a little optimistic I asked this member, who was standing there confidently waiting to be challenged. I said to him, ‘So you say you have studied the Big Book for 2 years?’ He said, ” Eh, well I suppose you could say that,” now shuffling from one foot to the other. ‘Well then’ I said, ‘answer me this one question.’

‘Is there anything in that book that you can take and use to enhance your life today?’ “Well yes” he answered quickly without a seconds thought. I then asked what it was. He just stood there starring and could not give an answer…and after 2 years study.

Reading the Big Book actually sends alkies nuts. Instead of it stopping them drinking – as it is claimed by the spiritualists and the step workers, –  it instead has the opposite effect. They end up going nutty after reading it. Their head is spinning so much that they have to go and have a drink to settle it down. This is also what happened to the first 100 men who were in the Oxford Group.

When the first 100 men saw that Bill W. had splashed God all through the book, 80% of them almost immediately got drunk. The other 20% also busted not long after. The book had to be updated by taking the stories in the back of the book out. They were the stories from members of the first 100 men. They could no longer keep the same stories because those men who had written them had all gotten drunk. They got drunk after reading the book and what it was they were supposed to have said.

It’s crazy reading. People who go to AA go because they have a grog problem not because they have a god problem. Especially since the rehabs, the counselors and the social workers have come on the scene. They have made it a lot harder for alkies to be getting sober in A.A. The spiritualists and the step workers will put people who want to get off alcohol onto what they call, a program. The program is that they are expected to find God, and to be working steps taken from the Big Book.

Unfortunately they have alcoholics working steps and praying, like a praying mantis for sobriety. If they have been to a detox before coming into A.A. they have a less chance of staying around. Their eyes are shinning and it is impossible to talk to them. If someone with any sense is talking to them – and they are not talking to them about the higher power – they do not want to know anything they have to say. It is put into their heads that if A.A. members are not speaking about handing their lives over to god, then they must not be on the program. In that case they do not want to know what sober members who can help them have to say. I kid you not.

Alcoholics or people who want to stop drinking go to A.A. to get sober not to find god. They unknowingly think that the majority of people there are alcoholics and that they know what they are talking about. But the majority are not and they do not. In fact the short-termers are given the wrong information by those who do not know what they are talking about.

This wrong information is that they have to get on a program. They tell them that to be an A.A. member they have to be working steps, finding a sponsor, and finding God.  This is simply not true and the short-termer does not last if they try to do this.

In the next article we will go into it more as to why alcoholics are not getting sober in A.A. Not the way that they should be. After all that is why A.A. was set up. To get alcoholics sober and not to be finding God, or for praying and working steps. This type of wrong information kills alcoholics stone dead.

Do you know someone who has not survived A.A.? If you have a question about this article feel free to ask.