Alcoholic Seizure: A Drink of Metho Can Stop It

Posted by admin on February 22, 2014

We have heard of people drinking methylated spirits as a substitute for alcohol. If nothing else is available then some people will drink it to stop an alcoholic seizure. Other then that it’s worthless. It does not have an effect. It doesn’t have the alcohol content that give an effect as alcohol does.

We are breaking the metho myth – That is that methylated spirits is not worthwhile drinking. Not under any circumstances, except maybe to ward off an alcoholic seizure. So then why would anyone drink it? Well simply because they are delusional, mad, nuts, whatever you want to call it.

Someone sober in AA for 28 years said that when he was drinking he became curious about metho. He had heard derelicts saying they mixed it with orange juice. He wondered what  sort of kick it had.

Being the good alkie that he was, he decided to down a bottle straight. He wanted to see what effect it had. Said he waited, and waited … and NOTHING happened… no effect. “It had no kick what-so-ever”.

Amy Winehouse: She died from an alcoholic seizure

Amy Winehouse: She died from an alcoholic seizure

He had the smell of metho oozing out the pores of his skin for about a week afterwards. His breath and burps were of metho for a long time after, as we could imagine it would be.

Because he was telling the story after 28 years of sobriety and because he had attended regular AA meetings during this time and was now a prominent  businessman in the community. His work colleagues knew nothing of such a past, and they surely wouldn’t have believed it if they did. He was in the right company to tell the story and had no reason to lie. There was no point in it.

An alcoholic seizure is said to be how singer Amy Winehouse died. She had stopped drinking for 3 weeks before she died. She was 27 years of age, she had a seizure and died. She obviously did not receive the correct advice as to what to do once you stop drinking. This video is an example of that. There is no suggestion to go to AA to stop drinking. Instead he suggests people get medical help. He is so wrong. Alcoholics are wrongly diagnosed in this way and is why so many die. AA is the only place known that has results in saving lives from alcohol.

It’s reported that Anna Nicole Smith also had an alcoholic seizures and is why she died. She was 36 years old. Possibly how her son died as well. He was only 19 years old and died in a chair in his mothers hospital room while visiting her after she had a baby.

The only reason anyone would be desperate enough to drink Metho would be at a time like this – to stop an alcoholic seizure so that they don’t die

Facts are that if a heavy drinker binge drinks for days or weeks on end, and then they suddenly stop, well then they are in grave danger of having an alcoholic seizure.

Often we hear that alcoholics are drinking all types of strange concoctions. They talk about drinking: boot-polish, furniture polish, Californian Poppy hair tonic, Listerine, Terps, and also Methylated Spirits. A desperate acts of course, and done to stop an alcoholic seizure.

The Metho myth has been busted. Serious research has shown it’s not worth drinking. Not under ‘normal’ circumstances, normal for some that is. Anyone else drinking it believing it has a kick would have to be really mad… mentally deranged.. to say the least.

It was said from the floor once, at an AA meeting that someone had drank turps. This is interpreted as turpentine. It’s hard to believe this would be true because I’m sure they would be dead. That’s like petrol and it has no alcohol content – so why would anyone drink it? I think instead he must have heard someone say that they were, “on the turps”, which is slang terms used for heavy drinking of alcohol. He must have misinterpreted what he heard and repeated it as his story… surely?

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