About Alcoholism: The Primary Alcoholic

Posted by admin on January 02, 2012

The alcoholic is quite a different person to someone who is just a heavy drinker. The heavy drinker is not someone who is allergic to alcohol where the primary alcoholic is.

A primary alcoholic usually starts drinking at a young age and can’t stop once he starts drinking. A heavy drinker can stop when he wants to stop. Basically that is the difference between the two, alcoholic and heavy drinker.

Similarities between the two are that they are both unaware what is going on in the real world. When they drink alcohol they have the wool pulled over their eyes on important social issues.  Recent examples are that politicians are making laws that violate the constitution and human rights.

What happens to a primary alcoholic is that they take that fatal first drink. Life is never the same again.  What happens to them is that the ideas they had about life before they drink has changed. Their personality changes after drinking. The plans and ambitions they had before picking up the first drink has gone out the window. These things are not important to them anymore. Instead they take up doing things that they would have never done prior to having that first alcoholic drink.

In a sense what happens is that the thinking flips. They have actually gone mad. They can not see themselves as they really are and for a while it seems that their life is going ok and that life is manageable to a certain extent, but in reality it is not. They make wrong decisions and lose trust in their own judgement.

During this time they rarely blame alcohol as the main problem. Instead they tend to blame themselves. The people around them also can not understand what has happened to a friend or loved one. The change happens most times very quickly.

When the personality change happens to the primary alcoholic he has no other option but to keep on drinking. The situation is to either keep drinking or they will go nuts and suicide. This is a situation that happens often because people are not aware of the effects of alcohol. Often relatives of the victim are left wondering why this person has taken their own life.

Problem is that a primary alcoholic is usually dead by the age of 30 if he or she is still drinking by that age. Unfortunately statistics will not back this up. The true cause of death is rarely put down on the death certificate that they died as a direct result of alcohol. It’s that they have had an accident, or committed suicide or were murdered or died in some other way.

In the case of suicide the wrong reason can easily be given by relatives because they do not understand the nature of alcoholism. They instead say that he or she had depression or anxiety or another related complaint. Jails are full of people convicted of crimes they have no recollection of what happened at the time. As high as 60% of offenders locked up are in there due to alcohol related problems.

Also a percentage of alcoholics locked up do not even know if they did the crime they were accused of or not. Instead they could have been set up by someone else for whatever reason. Fact is they wouldn’t know one way or another. This type of sutuation is due to alcoholic blackout – that they experience when drinking. It is only alcoholics who experience blackouts from drinking alcohol. A blackout is when they are functioning like normal but without any recollection of an event once they come out of the blackout.

The primary alkie if he is smart he will only look at alcohol in one way. That is that for him alcohol is a dangerous delusive drug and nothing else. It is one that makes him see things the way that he wants to see them and not as they really are.  For a primary alcoholic the damage happens to his thinking and it happens from that very first drink of alcohol.

The thinking has changed from what it was before he started drinking. He never see life in the same way again. The change is permanent with or without drink. On a day to day basis the thinking of a drunk stays with him until he becomes properly sober again. Getting sober also takes time.


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