Alcoholic Children have Bright Eyes

Posted by admin on November 01, 2011
alcoholic children

Alcoholism as I know it is an intriguing subject. One reason for thinking this is that the OSM’s of AA will say that it is possible to detect the alcoholic children. because they are the ones with the bright eyes.

A topic raised in a previous article on this site is that we are led to believe that the alcoholic is the park bench drunk. The teachings are that this is in fact not true at all. The derelict or the park bench drunk  is in fact only that. He is just a heavy drinker and a drunk but he is not alcoholic.

One difference is is that he is really fairly predictable. He does not cause many problems besides being annoying by falling asleep, etc. The previous article also said that there are two types of alcoholics. The primary, and the secondary, who is similar to the drunk in many ways. The alcoholic children with the bright eyes are the primary alcoholics. This means they should never touch alcohol because they will have an allergy to it and it changes their thinking.

His problems are more likely to be of a physical nature and are not mental as is the case with a primary alcoholic. The secondary alcoholic is in no real immediate danger of the drink doing him too much damage. Sure, years down the track he may have liver problems, or possibly he could even be a candidate for korsakoffs, who knows about that one? Not me. Basically though the secondary alcoholic is predictable and manageable.

The people I call primary alcoholics are a completely different story. They are the type that once they have that first drink they are gone. The thinking flips and they are never the same again. It is a mental thing for them rather than physical. Not like the secondary alcoholic.

In many cases the alcoholic children can be detected fairly early in life. They are the ones with the bright eyes. If you know a child that has bright eyes and he or she has become unruly or had a personality change – or is behaving in some other way that is out of character, then there is a chance they are alcoholic. That is whether they have had a drink yet or not. It makes no difference.

If the behaviour change is not for the better and if it can not be explained, then send the alcoholic children to a few A.A. meetings. See how they respond to A.A. meetings. Take note, if there is any improvement in their behaviour and if they settle down in their thinking, then they know they are in the right place.

It is common that a kid of this type will, by attending regular A.A. meetings will settle them down. The schoolwork improves again like it had before and he will be getting better grades again. He is interested again in his sport of choice and he is looking much happier all round.

In many cases a child in this situation actually thrives on the adult contact in A.A. meetings. This young adult needs to be warned very early that he should never touch alcohol. He needs to be made aware that he is more then likely to be someone who is allergic to alcohol. Hearing the stories at A.A. meetings will help him get the picture.

I simply shutter at what the results are for children who are leaving school and go to schoolies week. I wonder how many are actually able to stop drinking when it is over and how many is there that never get back to a normal life. That week of heavy drinking would have to take it’s toll.

I know my nephew is one who had great plans for traveling and a career before schoolies week. He wanted to travel around overseas for a year before entering Uni. Instead he found a girlfriend at schoolies and that was the end of that. His plans for travel and further education has been forgotten about. He believes the girl is the one for him to spend his life with.

They don’t live together but when they are together they don’t go out anywhere or do anything constructive.  He settled for an apprenticeship in plumbing. He will not consider the idea that it could have been the alcohol that caused him to forget about his ambitions to travel the world before going to Uni and learning a profession. His grades were high enough for him to be someone who did not have to settles for second best in life. What would I know though?

What’s your opinion on schoolies?


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