For The Alcoholic – To Identify



This site is on AA facts for new members to identify and to understand, how to survive AA.  We are not in the business of keeping lies and misconceptions going, that kill alcoholics. It kills them stone dead, …no ifs or buts.

The website is to help alcoholics by providing AA facts about what happens at the AA meetings. We are not here to illustrate the lie that everyone who attends meetings gets sober, or that what you hear and see in AA meetings is at all reliable information. It is not. Dr Bob and Bill Wilson were not messengers from God, who lived perfect sober lives – neither of them did.

AA comprises of many people and who are not all primary alcoholics. The meetings are made up of;

  • primary alcoholics
  • secondary alcoholics
  • drug addicts 
  • sex addicts
  • predators
  • over eaters
  • “others” – criminals who commit various types of crimes and when they drink alcohol it can interfere with their work or it can fuel undesirable activity.

Alcohol does not kill the people listed with ‘other problems’ Alcohol kills Primary Alcoholics. They do not survive. They must get sober or die drunk, at a young age.Their lifespan being around 30 years of age, at the most, if they’re lucky.

This site on AA facts is for them

For the primary alcoholic to help them. We provide the truth on what happens in AA meetings. Stating the facts on AA is to enable them to navigate the huge amount of crap that is perpetuated by the majority in AA meetings. The majority now who attend the meetings are not alcoholic.

Our message is true. AA works but works only for primary alcoholics. Everything else on praying and working steps is garbage.It does not work.

To stay sober they MUST:

  • Walk away from the past
  • stay away from the first drink
  • get to meetings on a regular basis
  • join a good group where people are positive and sober with their focus on living  (not big books or praying – this can never get a primary alcoholic sober)

AA success is by navigating what is truth and by staying away from the spiritualists in AA.

Sobriety is:

  • learning to live life in the minute, one day at a time
  • Not listening to your own head on scenario’s of doom and gloom
  • Members need to change old negative thought patterns and old habits. To change them into positive sober thought patterns
  • They need to stay away from unstable people. Primary alcoholics who are early in sobriety lock-on-to other people’s negativity. Instantly they go nuts as they have insufficient experience of recognizing negative thinking from others and they are unable to change the thinking into positive thinking.
  • learning to recognize a negative thinking pattern and get out of it quickly.

It’s crucial they get the help AA meetings provide from stable members.

Stable members keep it simple by sharing their own story on:

  • what it was like (drinking story, is negative, with heaps of problems)
  • what happened (how they got to AA)
  • And what it’s like now (how long they’re sober and how they did it successfully)

Primary’s have a drinking story others can identify with.

  • they talk about how alcohol costs them much more than money. This is a fail safe method to pull the new alcoholic member out of a negative, mad, alcohol induced, twisted thinking pattern, that has become the norm for them due to drinking.

The thinking is the number one thing that has to change once they put the drink down. AA has worked in the past because sober alcoholics told their story along organized line as per the preamble. Their experience on what it was like when they drank and now as a sober alcoholic they talk on their strength and hopes for the future.

Unfortunately though this process has almost but disappeared from the AA meetings. Instead AA has become a home for people with all types of problems. AA has been commercialized and so this has left the alkie desperately trying to get sober. He’s in a bewildered state with people who don’t know what they are doing. The aim once was to stay sober and to help other alcoholics achieve sobriety. Like it says in the preamble, which is read out at nearly every meeting and then promptly forgotten for the rest of the meeting.

AA facts on the failure rate

The number of alcoholics who drink again after coming to AA is about 99.9% but the ones there do not change what they are doing to get better results for the new people coming in.  New alcoholics coming in are confused enough without confusing them more by telling them to pray and work steps for sobriety. Telling them to do what sent the last lot before them to the bone yard.

The AA identification is so badly needed by new members however almost nothing exists for them these days. Sober Alcoholics don’t need to hide behind cloaks of spirituality or have expertise on steps or clever talk of any kind. They just need a story to identify with to keep the new members sober and coming back to the meetings.They thrive on the repetition.

Sobriety is simply the repetition of telling your story 

  • what it was like, what happened and what it is like now.
  • coming from a sober alcoholic it contains everything needed for identification. Information is there on how to get sober and what works and what doesn’t. Twisting information such as painting a picture that Bill Wilson was a guru and that Dr Bob was a long standing sober member comes under the “how it doesn’t work” heading

AA was not set up for Stars who come seeking glory for being sober. Problem there is the ‘stars’ have no information on how a new member can achieve sobriety. “The name of the game is staying sober” A cliche once used by older sober members (OSM) in AA. You don’t hear any of the important cliches from the floor anymore.


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