About AA and How To Survive

Be sure the light at the end of the tunnel is not a train coming in the opposite direction.

AA Survival, ‘How To Make It’ after you have stopped drinking.

How to achieve sobriety, is an important question that needs to be asked. It’s important to AA survival, once a decision is made to stop drinking. It’s not easy to stay sober without AA meetings and sobriety  doesn’t just simply happen by accident. One must know what one is doing to stay stopped from drinking. On a daily basis. One day at a time.

Gaining knowledge on AA survival is learned and the learning is little by little. Each day one stays sober the head starts to clear up and needs sobriety information to fill that empty space that is created in the brain. Information to carry on staying sober and to be happy about it. It takes time to understand what sobriety is all about.

There’s No Shame in Being Allergic to Alcohol

The good news is that there’s no shame in wanting to give up alcohol. Staying stopped from drinking is an AA primary purpose in AA meetings.  Someone allergic to alcohol needs to take alcohol out of their life. They also need to learn how to do that. Sobriety mistakes are easily made due to mainstream media, and misconceptions on what alcohol does to people allergic to it. An alcohol problem for a Primary alcoholic is not an addiction, it’s an allergy – an allergy to alcohol.

Heavy drinkers are not necessarily alcoholic. They can stop when they want. They ‘re drunks and often mistaken for being alcoholic. This blog endeavors to distinguish the important difference between the two, heavy drinking v alcoholism.

Kids with bright eyes are usually the adults allergic to alcohol (alcoholic)

An allergy to alcohol can be detected early in life.  They are the kids with the bright eyes and are smart. They are full of life, not suspecting that they are the ones who should never touch alcohol.

For them, from the very first drink it sets up a compulsion and they are never the same person again. Not until they get sober. Alcohol becomes their new way of life, and it’s on the downhill treadle. This downhill treadle happens quickly from when they first start drinking, as an adult. They’re not to count the dregs taken from a glass as kids.

Basically what happens is that the allergy causes the brain to flip in the thinking. Them they are never the same person again. They need to drink to support the new personality. This is a very dangerous situation and there is no outside understanding of the ‘condition’.

AA Survival

A small percentage of victims of alcohol survive long enough to reach the AA meetings. They need a self help group such as AA before their mental health deteriorates too badly. If they do make it to AA, they can consider they have won lotto.  Unfortunately though they then need to win lotto again to be able to stay around. They need to be smart enough to sort the oats from the chaff early. Problem is no alcoholic is very smart at this stage. They’re wiped out by the effects of alcohol. It takes time for the fog to lift and for the thinking to settle.

On this site http://howtosurviveaa.com we have an important AA survival message. A message that is needed to save lives. The information here is needed for AA survival – to be able to achieve sobriety.

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  • Hi Louis, Thanks for your reply. You said “process much less painful” Something not understood here. To understand your comment and the many reasons you give for drinking we need to establish who we are addressing in a reply. Are you an alcoholic and if so how long are you sober? Did you get sober with a group, if so which group and where? We need to know this to ascertain where you are coming from in the belief system you have on sobriety. 🙂

  • “Alcoholics are not addicts. Alcoholics have an allergy to alcohol.” Exactly. I am living proof of this. I remeber the first few times as a teenager trying to drink just to “fit in” and join the crazy atmosphere at 16, at a pub in Greece. Drinking and serving alcohol to minors is not really regulated here in Greece because there are very few people compared to northern Europe that have this allergic reaction here. None of my friends did. I would instantly throw up when I tried to drink the first few times. I couldnt even put down one sip. The very first drunken experience I had was to drink mint liquor mixed with vodka and I forced two glasses down and I remember turning into the “Tasmanian Devil” in an instant I was flipping tables over running down the street throwing rocks at windows kicking car doors with the passengers in horror as they waited at the traffic lights.

    I want to say that once getting sober, nutrion and correcting brain chemistry is something that has been overlooked by AA,12 steps programs and Modern Medical Science. Doctors perscribe antidepressants etc. They only mask the symptoms of hormonal imbalances and enzyme defficiencies.
    Talk therapy and social suppot groups work to replace the “social” drinking network part of our probem. Alcohol exists in almost every festive gathering, celebration, dinner etc. where adults are present. It is a social norm and encouraged in most cultures. Leaving the “allergic alcoholic” left out when trying to first get sober.
    This is why it is encouraged to be around other successfull sober alcoholics and reading material such as this and going to AA meetings can work to a point.
    I feel that yes self awareness and speaking to people who have managed to stay sober for many years is extremely helpfull and encouraging. They have become Masters at not drinking in a sense. But!
    I my self realized that excercise and a low glycemic diet, avoiding coffee and all sugar (which is so prevelant at AA meetings ) helped me when I first got sober to deal with mood swings and brain fog that left me feeling depressed a lot of the time.
    Below I borrowed some very good points from an article I had read which I fully agree with based on my experience and many failed attempts to get sober without correcting my eating habits and actually getting your body moving. Even just walking at first, even dancing anything that gets that seratonin flowing. especially in the morning and again in the evening.
    Talk therapy, social networking is not enough on its own and it may work for some people but combined with the suggestions below it is worlds apart especially for the first few months.
    What a better way to reprogram your body and mind. This is what I am talking about. Words and ideas require action to materialize and without correcting the action of what you put in your mouth and how it effects your brain, your body, your mood, and over all health and healing that you need so much in the first stages of socbriety. The benefits of physical activity and good nutrition are just as important as talking to someone who has had years of sobriety.

    -We often have pre-existing issues when we start drinking, like imbalanced brain chemistry, blood-sugar issues, hormone issues – and that turning to alcohol is often in part an attempt to regulate these imbalances.
    -We exacerbate these pre-existing issues with our drinking.
    -When we stop drinking, we have the imbalances we started off with, PLUS the imbalances that we developed from choosing wine over food, plus depletion of minerals and a whole host of other things specifically from the toxic nature of alcohol.
    -In order to fully recovery from addictive patterns (and not just shift them from one thing to the next), we often have to address these imbalances and bring ourselves back to a state of health through various nutrition-based mechanisms – it’s not just eating better, it’s literally repairing and repairing in a targeted, individualized way (in addition to the intellectual, psychological, existential, environmental, societal, and other physical practices we must do).
    -If we DON’T address this piece – recovery can be much more difficult, can plateau, we are more susceptible to addiction transference or drinking again. If we DO address this piece, it makes all of our other efforts that much more effective and the process much less painful.

  • Hi Catherine, So lovely to hear from you. I missed this post. Was traveling at the time. You are so correct and are the proof that it is possible to use AA to your advantage to get sober. You are a prime example that the information on this site is correct and that it works.

    I guess it to painful for Danielle to read before posting her misguided and downright dangerous ideas on what getting sober is all about.

  • Danielle, Read comment from Catherine – she says it all.

    Also I wished what you are saying was true but it is not. If it were so many desperate young people would be still alive. The amount of people going to AA is phenomenal especially with so many doing the detox-shuffle now. Detoxes (Rehabs) are making a killing from unfortunates wanting to get sober (literally) and they are sometimes sent to a few AA meetings as well. At one AA meeting alone as many as 19 stood up to say they were in a Detox Centre and were in their first 90 days. Not one of them is still around – and they were saying similar things to what you said here. I.E. they believed that AA worked by praying and working steps and that God was getting them sober. They are dead and a new lot takes their place. They’re gone! Can you comprehend that? So where is your proof – Proof first, that this information is wrong – second that the information you have has any credibility? I know the information here is true. Tell me why you believe it is not. Where is your proof? You use the word “clean” indicating you are more associated with drug addicts then alcoholics. It’s obvious you are not an alcoholic – alcoholics have common sense and are smart people. The information here is for them and they understand truth when they see it. They need truth and true facts so they may survive. If not they die by trying to live the unnatural life like the one you are in favour of them doing. Before I give you any more facts I need to know that you can comprehended – this only happens to smart alcoholic who understand the common sense on this site. They understand that they need to learn How To Survive AA. Are you an alcoholic – I say you are not so have no business here.

  • I came across this site while looking up AA history, I am appalled that such a site exists!!! While I believe there are many journeys to sobriety, you give inaccurate information on Alcoholics Anonymous! God forbid anyone comes here and takes your advice on AA! It sounds like you have been to a few discussion meetings, listened to some things and came up with your own watered down version of what you think AA is! Where in the book of AA does it deem someone an OSM? Where in the book does it say you need to be 5-7 yrs clean before you are deemed sober? Or can help another alcoholic? Tell me about this ‘knowledge’ that will get and keep a chronic alcoholic sober? Stay on your soap box on YOUR ideas about sobriety, but please remove any reference to AA as you are not only completely wrong about the program of AA but you could kill people who were thiking about going and will be so taken aback by your misnomers they won’t go!

  • Iv just read over the “about” intro above as well as the comments (where I understand the language). I am an alcoholic sober in AA 26 years. AA is for alcoholics – alcoholics are allergic to alcohol. They come from all walks of life. AA used to work for alcoholics before it was overtaken by drug addicts and other people who gained no benefit from the simple AA format which is crucial for the alcoholic who needs identification, Identification is only possible when members tell their stories in the way laid out in the literature – “a general way – what we used to be like, what happened and what we are like now” …..”that we may solve our common problem”. The only problem we can possibly all have in common being the effect alcohol had on us and the positive effect of AA. Drug addicts are not allergic to alcohol. They may benefit from the AA format – if they stick to the guidelines in the preamble. The preamble does not say anything about our meetings being about finding God, working steps or analysing books, dealing with our sexuality, career, love life, money problems or any other problems – alcoholics arriving in AA are luck to get there with their lives but being alcoholics as we get sober we get better and our lives improve in all areas over time. Alcoholics cannot remain off the alcohol for any length of time without getting better – the person we were drank – that person will drink again. AA is about improvement in our lives and our well being. IT TAKES TIME TO GET SOBER. Our sole purpose it to solve our common problem and as rightly stated in this blog we have a killer condition for which AA was the solution for many years until people – non alcoholics, were allowed to take over and put the focus on subjects other than alcoholism and getting sober and changed the format of meetings giving them topics etc – making it difficult for the alcoholic to get the identification they need with the drinking and recovery stories – what it was like, what happened, what it is like now.
    people make a huge mistake in believing we are all the same. Alcoholics are not addicts. Alcoholics have an allergy to alcohol.

  • Hi Leah, When you say ‘it’ works/doesn’t do you mean AA? Not sure what point you may be wanting to make, also what is your reasoning behind ‘contempt before investigation’? When do you say is a time before ‘investigation’ and what sort of investigation do you mean? put it this way: If you were in the army and the sergent pointed in the distance and said to a buddys, “I want you to scale that brick wall, see what’s on the other side and report back to me with your findings” and you watched your buddy follow orders and scale the wall in the distance. After he does, you hear a gun shot noise coming from behind the the wall and the buddy does not return as expected to report his findings. The sergent then sends the next man to do the same and again a shot is heard once he is over the wall and he is not seen again either, and than another man is sent to do the same and another shot is heard and he doesn’t return either. In such circumstances Leah, when it came your turn to scale the wall, would you be confident that all is well and that you would be the one coming back to report your findings, or could there be some contempt prior to investigation?

    How long are you sober, please?

  • Like Bill W and Dr Bob use to say it is none of our business what others think of us. We have found a new way of life with out alcohol and drugs. My personal experience, if AA is or does not work for you its because you are not working the AA program as it is laid out in the first 164 pages of the BIG BOOK…. Contempt prior to investigation….

    I was taught to allow others the right to be wrong and no need to be hurtful. IF there is a correction to be made it is by God.

    I do urge you if you are suffering to believe I believe it works and the how and why will come to you one day at a time going to meetings working the steps and working with a sponsor.


  • As someone who has used the services of AA in my time one thing is clear, that every case is different. In a world so full of people we are now more separated and apart. Sometimes it is the unity and continued support/friends that get you by, not just the “ten commandments” alone! I believe in the passion of the preamble, the people and dedication to get well amongst people who have understanding relevant to their cause. Just trying to share knowledge in any form is no longer debate, but becomes argument and to no resolution; which serves no one. I don’t believe anyone has the finite answer for any problem of the multitudes if they are so closed minded not to consider that other methods work for differing peoples circumstance with alcohol. If you consider all science, it is out there to be proved solid fact or corrected, this takes debate and open mindedness. There are alot of theories out there but we seem to get the textbook regurgitated back to us in a manner that will not accept otherwise. Unfortunately the devastation of alcohol related illness will never be accurately accounted for. Any amount of years reading from some text books will not give you the recipe for certain individuals success or otherwise. Maybe great insight but understanding, unity and support however seems to go along way aside all this. I am not trying to attack, but aren’t the blogs about friendly debate? All I know is it is a hard fight to win and blessed are those who have success, prayers and care for my fellow passer on the street that may quietly and silently be in the middle of this battle.
    Peace and love to all. (Good will, or God will, its your choice!!)

  • Horrible for who Bobby? Certainly not for the many alcoholics who are lucky enough to have got sober on this information.

    They are also the ones who are happy to be sober and who are living a problem free sober life and are responsible members of the community because of it.Can you show this kind of results? I don’t think so. It’s certainly not horrible information for future alcoholics who come to AA and need this information in order to survive AA.

    In fact it is you using conjecture as opposed to the information in this blog. Instead it is you who has to show proof that the information here is incorrect.As in a court proceeding.It is not the innocent who has to prove innocence.The onus is on the accuser to prove the guilt of the person who they are making accusations against.

    The older sober members of AA have people all over the world who are sober because of the information provided here. If you truly have the best interest of victims of alcohol at heart then you would be wise to also adopt the principles here into your own method of thinking as well.

    Tell me why these people are hurting Bobby if you have the answers – and not the information supplied in this blog. Your words of being clean is not AA lingo and so I must assume you are a drug addict and that you do not have an understanding of the fellowship of AA. This blog is not anything to do with drug addicts and is not about NA or how to get drug addicts “clean”

    This blog is about alcoholism. It is people like you who are dangerous to the alcoholic, who is wanting to get sober – and who’s life depends on the correct information received during this very delicate time in their lives. The problem is detox centres are not required to show results. They do not have a success rate at all when it comes to helping alcoholics get sober.

  • This blog is horrible, it is full of nothing but conjecture. As person who has been clean for multiple years, has a college education in the addictions field, and works at a world renowned treatment center, I think I am qualified to say this. Please either support your statements or take this blog down.
    “The personality of an alcoholic can sometimes be detected early on in life before they have had a drink – they are the kids with the bright eyes.” Really? Do you base this on any sort of data?
    “They then have to be smart enough to learn how to use AA properly to actually get sober. This is a process that takes at least 5 to 7 years.” Please tell me the name of the study in which this 5 to 7 years statement was published?
    You are mixing AA literature with your conjecture; this is extremely dangerous and I would say that a site like this is destined to hurt those who are already hurting badly.

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