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Posted by admin on December 04, 2011
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The spiritualists and the step workers in AA meetings will do what they can to sink alcoholics. Reason for this is because they can not control an alcoholic. Spiritualists will pretend to be nice towards an alcoholic however once they realize they can not control them with religion and working steps they will then try to sink the alcoholic.

They also try to control alcoholics by telling them they have to be getting god and have to be praying. This is another tactic for control. They are a nasty lot. Alcohol is not their problem. Alcoholics can not afford to be wasting time by trying to work out what their problem is. All alcoholics need to remember is that these people are not like them and to stay away from them.

Dr.’s and counsellors have a lot to answer to for sending these people who are not alcoholics to AA meetings.

Most hospitals closed the psychiatric wings a few years ago. When this happened they did not know what to do with the mental patients. They could not have them roaming the streets. They had to find somewhere for them to go. They asked each one of them individually if they ever had a drink. If they said they had had one the Dr told them to go to AA.

If the patient did not like the idea of going to AA meetings the doctors and social workers talked them into it by saying something like, “Look, you will meet people who are like yourself. I have sent a few of your friends there so you should meet some. In the meetings they call you to speak and you can talk your head off about yourself.

They clap you when you have finished, they shake your hand and tell you to keep coming back. You get a biscuit most times and a cup of tea. You can put 20 cents in the hat when it comes around if you like. If you don’t no one will worry.”

Who are the idiots when these people are called to speak? They have no drinking story and they don’t do anything outside of AA. Meaning they use AA as their social life. They are just little nutters who have found a home in AA, so to speak.

The patent has often said to his Doctor, ‘But I don’t drink alcohol, not very often anyway.’ “Doesn’t matter” says the Doctor, “because you are on medication, I know you are because I put you on it. Because of this it will be good for you to try to cut down drinking alcohol. Only for a while, and while you are on the medication. It doesn’t really matter too much if you don’t stop drinking as long as you have a desire to stop drinking – you are entitled to go to AA meetings.”

The problem with non alcoholics doing meetings is that this confuses the true alcoholic. They end up praying and working steps as the non alcoholics are doing. They don’t last and have a humungous bust.

The people who are masquerading in AA as alcoholics lessen the chance of the alcoholics surviving in AA. If he doesn’t make it in AA he will die. No if’s or buts about it. This is what is happening on a regular basis. Who cares? I don’t think anyone does…

The alcoholic is likely to think he is in the wrong place and so he leaves AA. What he doesn’t realise is that it is not him but it is them who are in the wrong place.

What also happens is that when a secretary of a meeting does not know what he is doing and is liable to put a nutter in the chair of an AA meeting. They then proceed to call other nutters to speak. The ones they identify with and they leave the alcoholic sitting there. He is ignored more times than not. The newcomers are left on their own to fend for themselves. No one even talks to them for a lot of the time.

The short-termer/ new-comer need to be able to sort out the oats from the chaff and he needs to do it very quickly. The new-comers need to know that not all people in AA are alcoholics and in fact these days very few people in AA are alcoholics.

The challenge for the alcoholics is to find people like themselves and who are sober and getting on with their lives. This is not an easy task because people like themselves are just not staying around long enough to become sober.

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