Non Alcoholics in AA

Posted by admin on November 17, 2011

The court judges, a Dr. of medicine, counselors, social workers, all have a lot to answer for with the non alcoholics in AA. Sometimes offenders of the law receive sentences through the courts to attend AA meetings.

Health workers and others are taking it upon themselves to lumber AA members with people who have problems other than alcohol.

They may not realise that just because someone gets into trouble with the law and the offense could be alcohol related, this does not mean that the offenders are alcoholics.

What an alkie is – It is someone who is allergic to alcohol.  Someone getting on with their life. They have dreams and ambitions and all is going well until they take a drink, and then their whole life changes. That’s because the alcohol affects their personality by making them into someone they are not. This effect then leads them into living a dud lifestyle simply because of the affect alcohol has on them.

These other people, the non alcoholics in AA, are people who are drinking for a reason – their husband left them, or they have lost their job, or a family member has died and they drink and drink to drown their sorrows and eventually the alcohol takes its toll. It affects the frontal lobe of the brain so that they end up in the condition the alcoholic starts off in – life is out of control, and unable to stay stopped from drinking, they have a personality change because of the effects of alcohol.

The others who turn up are people with problems other than alcohol. They are the sex offenders, or the dangerous criminal types who are prone to the behaviour they exhibit whether drunk or sober.  When these non alcoholics drink a lot they cannot control themselves and so their crimes and behavious becomes more dangerous and more out of control.  This is why they end up in AA. They have been sent by the judges, or a probation service, or some well meaning family member or counselor.

On the other hand the alcoholics base personality is unlike any of these people who are being sent.

Alcoholics seldom end up in prison for violent crimes or sex offences.  They have been known to be up on a charge but usually this is for breach of the peace or for being unable to look after themselves.

There are also the mentally ill or mentally impaired who are a danger to themselves when they drink and end up homeless, on the streets etc – they can be sent to AA by the social workers, etc.

The dangers for the alcoholic in AA is that it has become routine for people to say “we” “we are all the same” “we are like this” – when we are not.  It is vitally important that an alcoholic knows that AA has been set up for people like them – allergic to alcohol – one drink is too many and a thousand is not enough types. Who when they take the first drink they are off and running usually straight into blackout drinking that causes them mental instability afterwards. From the first drink alcohol sends them nuts and they do not start out that way.

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  • Hi Dan, Yes all sorts in AA now and to make it worse AA has also been so horribly commercialized. The Traditions have severely been violated.
    Also women come to find husbands that don’t drink because a women’s magazine recommending it. Article said, ‘they should have plenty of money if they’re not drinking’. In AA unless you have a group where they are keeping people like you sober it’s tough going. There are none around.
    As it has been said, If you can survive AA then the outside world will be a piece of cake. Advice now is to look at AA in a way that ‘they are not like me but hopefully they are not talking about drinking’. The saying in AA used to be, when people were staying sober: “If you want what we have got then do what we do”. Now since Wilson ruined AA by bringing religion into it – and no one is staying sober because of it – the saying now has to be: “If you don’t want what we have got then don’t do what we do” That is if you want to stay alive.

    If you find someone who’s sober, happy and problem free from praying and working steps then check them out. See if they are like you, I.E. Do they have a drinking story? If so is it one that you can relate to? If so go visit their group and see if they are keeping people like you sober. Good luck Dan.

  • Amen! I just left a meeting and, after bouncing in and out of the rooms, have had it. I am not an alcoholic in the ‘textbook’ case that when I drink the first one I wind up in a holding cell somewhere in TN. I sat in a meeting today and heard several women (I’m a guy) rambling on and on about the pill problem one had (she openly said she’s not alcoholic but addicted to pills) and the other is that she is only an alcoholic because her dad was. I’m done…AA has become a melting pot of alkie’s, drug addicts, sex addicts, religious zealots, gamblers and all other vices thrown into one. I’m sure Bill W. didn’t expect this organization to evolve into what it has become.

  • Thanks for A very thoughtful reply.Your reply
    answer`s many personal questions anddisappointmentss I suffer.

  • Thanks Carson,

    Problem is that alcoholics don’t identify so have no reason to stay around. Alcoholics are smart, unlike the non-alcoholics that are being sent to AA by Drs, counsellors etc. Also it’s not in their interest for alcoholics to actually be getting sober.

  • Thanks so much!!!for not letting me feel so not alone.AA has turned into a dumping ground
    for any and all who has a social problem.

    AA has become, that no self respecting Alcoholic
    will go/return to Meetings.


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